Best practice is to offline 3D projects in 3D, with the creative team monitoring the evolving edits in 3D on as large a display as possible. Using some form of projection is better.

However, because working in 3D all day, every day, will give your editor headaches, it is ad-visable use a system that allows the 3D to be toggled on and off, such as Avid Media Composer. Another option is to edit in 2D then watch 3D playback at least once a day. Most experienced 3D GS editors have acquired their preferred methodologies over the years.

All members of the creative team should get in the habit of positioning themselves in the giant screen field of view, i.e., very close to any monitor or screen, even if sitting farther away is more comfortable.

Remember that what looks right in terms of framing and pacing on a 65-inch (165-cm) monitor, or even a small projection screen, will not necessarily be right on an 80-foot (24-meter) screen.

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