During offline work, a certain amount of geometry correction will have been performed to make the images watchable.

For instance, if the stereo supervisor/stereographer (the person responsible for all aspects of 3D on a 3D production) has converged on the background during shooting, the editor will need to add a little positive parallax (3D in the background) to make the images watchable on TV. If no such horizontal image translation is applied then all of the 3D will be off the screen and look odd. This may even impact the editor’s choice of material.

Avid can change image size and vertical and horizontal alignment. Combined with tweaks to brightness and color this is enough to make a 3D show watchable for offline.

Currently there is no way to automatically transfer geometry corrections made during the offline process to the common online systems used to finish 3D films.

The most common tool for 3D online is SGO’s Mistika. This software will match the images for color, image size, rotation, and vertical alignment. These are the easy corrections. Mistika can then do selective warps by area to correct lens aberrations. Mistika can also sort out other issues such as flares, dust, spots etc. But these corrections can be achieved more cost effectively with a specialist 3D fixer using other, less expensive, software


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