Join a committee and take an active role in shaping GSCA’s future

Committees are crucial to GSCA. It’s their work that keeps the industry engaged throughout the year. Professional development sessions, innovations sessions, the Filmmaker Symposium, Marketing Symposium, the Giant Screen Production and Postproduction Workflow (P3W), Digital Immersive Giant Screen Specifications (DIGSS), webinars, blogs, and much more are all possible because of GSCA committees and the volunteers who participate on them. As a committee member, you help shape the GSCA, plus it’s a great way to network! Committees meet throughout the year via Zoom.

You must be a member of GSCA to participate on a committee. Voting members of a committee are established by an open call in the beginning of the year. Those who respond to that open call will be the voting members of the committee for the year; however, members are welcome to join committees at any time. Let us know where you would like to share your skills and experiences to strengthen the community and develop solutions for the challenges our industry faces.

Committee Member Qualifications

Committee members must:

  • be a current member of GSCA.
  • have a broad knowledge and understanding of the giant screen industry.
  • be willing to champion and promote the association and industry to others.
  • have excellent communication, interpersonal and decision-making skills.
  • be passionate and open minded.
  • be able to meet in-person once per year at the Conference. Note: Costs associated with participating in committee meetings (airfare, ground transportation, lodging, telephone, etc.) will be the responsibility of the committee member.
  • be able to participate in conference calls on a regular basis as determined by committee chairs.

Ethical Obligation of Committee Members

  1. When at any GSCA board, committee, work team or group meeting, the GSCA interest is paramount.
  2. Committee members should not enter into conflicts of interest in financial matters.
  3. Follow communication steps outlined in board, committee, work team and group meetings that are in the interest of GSCA.
  4. To promote the free exchange of ideas, the general business of the GSCA board and opinions expressed by the board members should be kept confidential.

If you have any questions about committees or membership, contact Tammy Barrett at


Committee chairs and members are listed below.

Innovations Committee

a. Create programs and guidelines to encourage technical best practices for giant screen exhibitors.
b. Create programs and guidelines to encourage technical best practices for giant screen filmmakers.
c. Develop sessions and programs to showcase the latest innovations.
d. Provide an ongoing forum for technical issues of interest to GSCA members.
e. Review established guidelines and update as needed.

Co-Chairs: Michael Daut (Michael Daut Productions and K2 Studios) and Christian Fry (CVF Productions)

  • Pawel Achtel, Achtel Pty. Ltd.
  • Jonathan Bird, Oceanic Research Group
  • Doug Boyer, Christie Digital
  • Nate Cohen, Nathan Cohen Productions
  • Peter Degerfeldt, Blue Sky Aerial and Specialist Filming
  • Darren Durocher, TELUS World of Science-Edmonton
  • Brian Eimer, ImagesInSound
  • Rick Gordon, RPG Productions
  • Mark Henderson, New England Aquarium
  • Patricia Keighley, IMAX Corporation
  • David Keighley, IMAX Corporation
  • William Kleinart, Tillinghast Reid Worldwide
  • Tyler Mifflin, SK Films
  • Dan Neafus, IMERSA
  • Zach Peterson, MacGillivray Freeman Films
  • Sean Phillips, MacLeod Enterprises
  • Amy Quisenberry, Orlando Science Center
  • Jim Remar, Cosmosphere
  • Glenn Shaver

Marketing Committee

a. Strengthen the capacity of theaters to execute powerful marketing.
b. Determine relevant data and develop research to gather that data.
c. Create resources to support marketing the unique nature of the giant screen experience.
d. Establish ongoing relationships with media, press, and social influencers.
e. Review and potentially refresh the Certified Giant Screen® and Bolder.Better programs.

Co-Chairs: Caroline Borgudd (Cosmonova) and Ryan Holota (Saskatchewan Science Centre)

  • Diane Carlson, Giant Screen Cinema Consulting
  • Michelle Duncan, Flying Fish Exhibits
  • Alex Eilers-Guttensohn, Memphis Museums
  • Meghan Fitzgerald, Marbles Kids Museum
  • Rick Gordon, RPG Productions
  • Brad Lisle, Foxfire Interactive
  • Richard Morrison, IMAX Melbourne
  • Donalda Pelton, Telus World of Science-Edmonton
  • Jim Remar, Cosmosphere
  • Lori Rick, MacGillivray Freeman Films

Industry Leadership Committee

a. Identify adjacent stakeholders including non-giant screens, full domes, planetariums, and other immersive experiences.
b. Determine the needs of these adjacent groups and develop ways the GSCA can provide value.
c. Engage museum cinema leadership.
d. Continually assess the needs of GSCA members.

Co-Chairs: Heather Farnworth (Ontario Science Centre) and Mike Lutz

  • Dianne Clark, SciPort Discovery Center
  • Marcus Harshaw, Carnegie Science Center
  • Patricia Keighley, IMAX Corporation
  • Meghan MacGillivray, MacGillivray Freeman Films
  • Tyler Mifflin, SK Films
  • Jose Antonio Perez, Papalote
  • Amy Quisenberry, Orlando Science Center
  • Jim Remar, Cosmosphere
  • Greg Sanford, McWane Science Center

Programming Committee

a. Assess the needs of GSCA members to determine professional development opportunities and share input for event locations.
b. Review submissions for professional development sessions and keynote speakers and determine which to include.
c. Review and make recommendations to film priority policy and GSCA Achievement Awards, including eligibility, addition, or deletion of award categories, as needed.

Co-Chairs: Amber Hawtin (SK Films) and Joanie Philipp (Flying Fish Exhibits)

  • Diane Carlson, Giant Screen Cinema Consulting
  • Darren Durocher, TELS World of Science-Edmonton
  • Patricia Keighley, IMAX Corporation
  • Meghan MacGillivray, MacGillivray Freeman Films
  • Richard Morrison, IMAX Melbourne
  • Jim Remar, Cosmosphere
  • Glenn Shaver
  • Gordon Stalans, Tennessee Aquarium
  • Paul Wild, Destination Cinema and K2 Studios

Task Forces

Audience Research Survey Task Force

  1. Work with key member stakeholders to understand their information needs from professional research to inform how to increase theater attendance and aid in securing funding for films. These could include audience demographics and motivation for attending as well as disincentives to attending. Based on feedback, prioritize the research elements needed, for example “who is in the audience” is more important than “who is not”. This stakeholder information will inform the RFP in number 2 below.
  2. Produce and release a Request for Proposal.
  3. Evaluate proposals and make a recommendation to the board on which proposal to accept.
  4. Once the research firm is selected and research protocols are finalized including the support that will be needed from theaters, determine theaters that would be willing to participate in the research. (For example, theater staffing assistance and the ability to email data bases of ticket buyers and members.) Theaters approached will reflect the recommendations of the research firm to assure appropriate regional distribution to have statistically valid data for the determined target region—for example the US and Canada.
  5. Propose models for funding to the GSCA Board.

Co-Chairs: Heather Farnworth (Ontario Science Centre) and Adam Smith (Exploration Place)

  • Diane Carlson, Giant Screen Cinema Consulting
  • Patty Collins, MacGillivray Freeman Films
  • Daniel Ferguson, Cosmic Picture
  • Don Kempf, Giant Screen Films/D3D Cinema
  • Richard Morrison, IMAX Melbourne
  • Jim Remar, Cosmosphere

Development Task Force

a. Identify ways the GSCA can help content creators source funding.
b. Create a value proposition for funding giant screen films.
c. Facilitate regular dialog on the economic viability and growth through sustainable business models.
d. Philanthropic outreach for the GSCA.

Co-Chairs: Patty Collins (MacGillivray Freeman Films) and Joanie Philipp (Flying Fish Exhibits)

  • Meghan MacGillivray, MacGillivray Freeman Films