1. Build a pipeline of quality transformational and entertaining content

  • Develop and share best practices to support the production of original, high-quality, educational, and entertaining giant screen cinema experiences.
  • Engage new and diverse content creators.
  • Provide information and examples on the unique aspects of storytelling and filmmaking for the giant screen.
  • Share production and exhibition technical innovations.
  • Identify and cultivate potential funding partners for the GSCA and content creators.

2. Collect data and facilitate communication and information sharing

  • Determine and collect relevant industry data.
  • Conduct research to determine current and potential audiences’ interests for giant screen content.
  • Strengthen the industry’s vertical integration from production to audience.
  • Provide tools and forums to share best practices, networking, and information sharing.

3. Expand awareness of the giant screen experience

  • Provide guidance in the pursuit of excellence in marketing the giant screen experience.
  • Support members in their efforts to deliver extraordinary out-of-home experiences.
  • Develop richer insights and demonstrate how giant screen theaters add value to the mission of the institution and visitor experience.
  • Establish ongoing relationships with media, press, and social influencers.

4. Create an inclusive environment to compel expanded participation

  • Be inclusive and create alignments with the best immersive content creators and exhibitors, to include such things as art exhibitions, e-games, etc.
  • Develop and nurture relationships with organizations that have strategic adjacencies to the GSCA.
  • Provide resources and support to at-risk theaters.