June 1, 2015—Mojo Media Solutions Pty Ltd (www.mojomediasolutions.com) and Achtel Pty Ltd (www.achtel.com) have together launched TrueBlueTM, a sophisticated optical filter that significantly improves separation of blue colours from unintended red contamination.

Pawel Achtel MSc, an Australian Scientist and multiple ACS Award Winning Cinematographer, has combined his skills in mathematics and optical science to create a custom designed optical filter that significantly reduces the magenta looking blue colours seen in imagery shot using the popular RED® digital cinema cameras.

In an un-modified camera, the problem is easy to see on bluescreen material, skies, under water and anywhere where cool colours need to be preserved. The reason is that the red photo-sites on the camera sensor are also sensitive to blue light, as can been seen in the quantum efficiency graphs measured under controlled conditions at Achtel’s laboratory. This contamination gives rise to magenta looking blues and cool colours that cannot be removed, even in post-processing. By adding Achtel’s TrueBlueTM filter in the RED® camera itself, the problem is virtually gone. Leaving the Cinematographer, Director and Colourist free to create beautiful looking images without constantly fighting to remove unwanted magenta.

The TrueBlueTM filter is supplied as a complete kit including an OLPF caddy, and is available for RED Epic® and RED Dragon® digital cinema cameras. It is simple to install or remove as required.

“Our partnership with Achtel and the global launch of TrueBlue marks a very exciting time for us at Mojo Media Solutions. As a Sydney-based company we regularly do business into Asia, but the partnership with Acthel and launch of TrueBlue has now turned us into a Global supplier,” stated Stuart Monksfield, Managing Director and Founder of Mojo Media Solutions. Adding “TrueBlue is a genuine home grown Australian product created with passion, using scientific analysis and delivering measurable results. It does exactly what it says on the box. The day we announced TrueBlue’s availability via social media we had near immediate responses from the US and Europe, and took our first orders that same day.”

Mojo Media Solutions will be showcasing TrueBlueTM during the SMPTE15 exhibition in Sydney, Australia, from 14th-15th July [booth # D4], where customers will be able to review sample footage shot with and without the TrueBlueTM filter.


Note: RED®, RED DRAGON® and RED EPIC® are registered trademarks of Red.com Inc. Achtel Pty Ltd and Mojo Media Solutions Pty Ltd have no affiliation to and are not sponsored or endorsed by Red.com Inc.

About Achtel

Founded in 2009 by Pawel Achtel, Tasmanian based Achtel Pty Limited is a leader in underwater cinematography and film making innovations. The company has developed the world’s first and only 2D and stereoscopic 3D underwater systems able to capture underwater imagery free of chromatic distortion, and which remain sharp from corner-to-corner. The company also produces Giant Screen films, and is a provider of wildlife footage and cinematography services. www.achtel.com

Contact: Pawel Achtel
E-mail: pawel.achtel@24×7.com.au

About Mojo Media Solutions

Founded in 2011 by Managing Director Stuart Monksfield, Sydney based Mojo Media Solutions is a trusted supplier servicing the needs of the Feature Film, Commercials and Broadcast post-production industry in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. With 30 years engineering, operational and managerial experience, including multiple credits for Digital Intermediate and On-Line Editing, Mojo provides some of the most advanced technologies available, backed by real-life operational and technical know-how. They offer a range of consultancy services that include Display Calibration, Colour Management, Colour Science, Digital Intermediate and Workflow Design for 2D, stereoscopic 3D and HFR projects. www.mojomediasolutions.com

Contact: Stuart Monksfield

Phone: +61 468 874 464

E-mail: stuart@mojomediasolutions.com


Source: Achtel Pty Ltd.