December 22, 2016—K2 Communications and Giant Screen Films are pleased to announce that the 40-minute version of Aircraft Carrier: Guardians Of The Sea (wt) is confirmed for wide release into the giant screen and museum cinema market on Memorial Day weekend, 2017 (May 27-29). This large-format, immersive film is a stirring tribute to the modern aircraft carrier as well as the international naval air and sea support system vital to protecting the world’s oceans.

With unprecedented logistical assistance and access by the United States Navy, the film will place audiences aboard the USS Reagan, a Nimitz-class carrier, during the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) maritime exercises, where the Reagan serves as flagship to the fleet. RIMPAC provides a striking visual context for the size and scale of both the maritime drill—with over 22 nations participating—as well as the aircraft carrier itself, a veritable city at sea (population nearly 5,000 sailors) and one of humankind’s greatest engineering feats.

Aircraft Carrier (wt) features extensive engineering visualizations of the technology that makes a carrier the preeminent maritime vessel—the apex warship—in naval history. The story is rich in STEM, tailor made for the giant screen and truly the only canvas large enough to pay tribute to a ship of such magnitude. High-octane and POV sequences featuring the new F-35C Lightning, the future backbone of the carrier’s air response and strike team, are reminiscent of the fast-paced footage that made K2’s Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag (2004) a global box office success.

Like Fighter Pilot before it, Aircraft Carrier (wt) is a giant screen vehicle to present a diverse group of capable sailors and wide range of STEM disciplines as well as celebrate the international cooperation necessary to maintain peace in a complex world,” said Mark Kresser, President of K2 Communications. “It is certainly a film that should engage all viewers—from military history enthusiasts, engineering buffs, fans of futuristic technology…and, of course, giant screen movie audiences that love big and loud subjects on the world’s largest screens!”

Packed with adrenaline-laced visuals and human stories, Aircraft Carrier (wt) is designed to appeal to a very wide and diverse audience at science centers and museums around the world. The film will release in both 40-minute and 20-minute versions and in all digital 2D, 3D and IMAX© theatrical formats. K2 and GSF will share in the distribution. Stephen Low, one of the pioneering veterans of the giant screen medium, directed the film.



Source: K2 Communications