Academy Awards

Academy Award® Winners

  • The Old Man and the Sea, Animated Short, 1999, Productions Pascal Blais.
  • To Be Alive!, Documentary (Short Subject), 1965, produced by Francis Thompson. This three-screen 35mm film, created for the 1964 New York World’s Fair, was a seminal event in cinema history. Thompson’s pioneering efforts in special format cinema inspired the development of the giant screen industry.

Academy Award Nominees

  • Dolphins, Documentary (Short Subject), 2000. Nominees: Greg MacGillivray and Alec Lorimore. Produced and distributed by MacGillivray Freeman Films.
  • More, Short Film (Animated), 1998. Nominees: Mark Osborne and Steve Kalafer. Produced by Flemington Pictures, Bad Clams Productions, Swell Productions, and Large Format Cinema Association. Distributed by MacGillivray Freeman Films.
  • Alaska: Spirit of the Wild, Documentary (Short Subject), 1997. Nominees: George Casey and Paul Novros. Produced by Graphic Films and Houston Museum of Natural  Science. Distributed by Houston Museum of Natural Science.
  • Amazon, Documentary (Short Subject), 1997. Nominees: Kieth Merrill and Jonathan Stern. Produced by Ogden Entertainment. Distributed by MacGillivray Freeman Films.
  • Cosmic Voyage, Documentary (Short Subject), 1996. Nominees: Jeffrey Marvin and Bayley Silleck. Produced by Cosmic Voyage Inc. Distributed by IMAX Corporation. Distributed to 8/70 theaters by MacGillivray Freeman Films.
  • Special Effects, Documentary (Short Subject), 1996. Nominees: Susanne Simpson and Ben Burtt. Produced by NOVA/WGBH Boston. Distributed by IMAX Corporation.
  • The Living Sea, Documentary (Short Subject), 1995. Nominees: Greg MacGillivray and Alec Lorimore. Produced and distributed by MacGillivray Freeman Films.
  • Fires of Kuwait,  Documentary (Feature), 1992. Nominee: Sally Dundas. Produced by Black Sun Films Ltd., a subsidiary of IMAX Corporation. Distributed by IMAX Corporation.
  • Rainbow War, Short Film (Live Action), 1985. Nominee: Bob Rogers. Produced by Bob Rogers and Company. The 5-perf/70mm film was produced for the 1986 World’s Fair, where it played on a screen over 60 feet wide.
  • The Eruption of Mount St. Helens, Documentary (Short Subject), 1980. Nominee: George Casey. Produced by Graphic Films Corporation. Distributed by National Geographic.

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