GSCA Achievement Awards

The GSCA 2011 Achievement Awards were presented at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum IMAX Theater on September 21, 2011, during the GSCA International Conference and Trade Show in Austin, Texas. IMAX Corporation also presented awards that evening. Congratulations to the following award recipients.
Photos by James Hyder. © 2011 by Cinergetics, LLC.
David Keighley Post Production Consulting and Print Quality Control; Director and Sound Designer Ben Burtt; the Director of Communications for Lockheed Missiles and Space, George Mulhern; Producer/Director Graeme Ferguson; Producer/Director, Writer, and Editor Toni Myers; and Director of Photography James Neihouse

Born to Be Wild

Best Film Produced for the Giant Screen
Best Film for Lifelong Learning
Best Original Score
Best Cinematography

Pictured here are David Lickley, director; Drew Fellman, producer; Diane Roberts, supervising line producer; David Douglas, director of photography. Score composed by Mark Mothersbaugh (not pictured).

The Wildest Dream: Conquest of Everest

Best Film Produced Non-Exclusively for the Giant Screen

Pictured here from National Geographic Entertainment are John Wickstrom, Antonietta Monteleone, Mark Katz, Nikki Lowry, Nell Constantinople, Stephanie Montgomery.

Tornado Alley

Best Sound Design

Mike McDonough, Sound Designer; Michael McDonough and Tamara Johnson, Re-Recording Mixers; Tim Archer and Fernando Apodaca, Location Sound Recordists; Blake Marymor, Recordist. Pictured here is Paul Novros, producer and writer, from Graphic Films.

IMAX and Warner Bros.
Born to Be Wild

Best Marketing Campaign by a Distributor

Pictured here is Allison Tanita, Coordinator, Field Marketing, IMAX Corporation.

Tornado Alley

Best Film Launch by a Theater (tie)

Pictured here are Anine van den Hurk and Alexandra van der Zee from Omniversum.

Reuben H. Fleet Science Center
Tornado Alley

Best Film Launch by a Theater (tie)

Pictured here is Jeffrey Kirsch, Executive Director of the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

IMAX Melbourne
Born to Be Wild

Best Film Launch by a Theater (tie)

Pictured here is Richard Morrison, General Manager of the IMAX Melbourne Museum

John Lewis

Big Shoe Award

Awarded to a member who exemplifies the qualities of a GSCA volunteer

Science Centre Singapore
Sea Rex: Journey to a Prehistoric World Movie Program

Best Educational Program

No photo available

Dongguan Science and Technology Museum
GSCA Asia Film Expo

Big Idea Award

Pictured here are GSCA staff Tammy Barrett and Kelly Germain with Susan Zeng from the Dongguan Science and Technology Museum

Maximum Image Awards, Presented by IMAX

Mysteries of Egypt

Hall of Fame Award (tie)

A coproduction of National Geographic, Destination Cinema, NOVA/WGBH, Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago), and Canadian Museum of Civilization. Pictured here are John Wickstrom; Richard James, executive producer; Ed Capelle, executive producer; and Mark Katz. The Hall of Fame award honors a film that is at least 10 years old and is voted on by the IMAX theater network.


IMAX Hall of Fame Award (tie)

Produced by The Stephen Low Company for IMAX Corporation. Pictured here is Mark Poirier, The Stephen Low Company.

Naval Aviation Museum

Best IMAX Booth (film)

Pictured here is Fred Geiger, Director of IMAX Operations at the Naval Aviation Museum

Pathe IMAX, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Best IMAX Booth (Digital)

No photo available