GSCA Achievement Awards

The GSCA 2014 Achievement Awards were presented the evening of September 20 at the Ontario Science Centre during the opening reception of the GSCA 2014 International Conference and Trade Show. IMAX Corporation also presented its Maximum Image Awards that evening. Congratulations to the following award recipients.  Photos by James Hyder for GSCA. © 2014 by Cinergetics, LLC.


Best Film-Short Subject
Best Cinematography

National Geographic Entertainment Presentation of a Cosmic Picture/Arcane Pictures Film. Written and directed by Daniel Ferguson. Produced by Taran Davies, George Duffield, and Daniel Ferguson. Executive Producers Jake Eberts and Dominic Cunninham-Reid. Reed Smoot, Director of Photography. Ron Goodman, Director of Aerial Photography. Peter H. Chang & Dustin Farrell, Time Lapse DOPs and additional cinematography. Pictured here are  Antonietta Monteleone and John Wickstrom (National Geographic Studios); Daniel Ferguson, Taran Davies, George Duffield, and Dominic Cunninham-Reid (Cosmic Picture); Nikki Lowry, Mark Katz, and Bethany Jones (National Geographic).

D-Day: Normandy 1944

Best Film for Lifelong Learning
Best Original Score
Best Sound Design
Best Visual Effects

Produced by N3D Land Films and N3D Land Productions. Distributed by 3D Entertainment Distribution. Written and directed by Pascal Vuong. Produced by Catherine Vuong, Pascal Vuong, and Sylvain Grain. Associate Producer Normand McKay. Stereography and Post Production by Ronan Chapalain. Original music by Franck Marchal. Sound design by Raymond Vermette, RVP Media Inc.; Alexandre Poirier, Comptoir du Son et les Images. Visual Effects by N3D Land Productions. Pictured here are Franck Marchal, Ronan Chapalain, Catherine Vuong, Pascal Vuong, Sylvain Grain, and Raymond Vermette.

Gravity: An IMAX 3D Experience

Best Film-Feature Length

Warner Bros. and IMAX Corporation. Producer: Alfonso Cuarón and David Heyman Director: Alfonso Cuarón. Pictured here are Cary Silvera (Warner Bros.) and Thomas Wyss (IMAX Corporation). Other nominees in this category: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: An IMAX 3D Experience, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: The IMAX Experience, The Wizard of Oz: An IMAX 3D Experience.

Saint Louis Science Center
D-Day: Normandy 1944

Best Film Launch by a Theater

Saint Louis Science Center Marketing Team: Cynthia Skaggs, Jackie Mollet, Danielle Stewart, Margie Walsh, Kristin Johnson. Picture here are Jackie Mollet and Dave Gioia. Other nominees in this category: Montreal Science Centre, Great White Shark; Museum of Discovery and Science, Journey to the South Pacific; Museum of Science, Boston, Pandas: The Journey Home; Ontario Science Centre, Jerusalem; TELUS-Spark, Flight of the Butterflies; and World Golf Hall of Fame, Island of Lemurs: Madagascar.

MacGillivray Freeman Films and IMAX
Journey to the South Pacific

Best Marketing Campaign by a Distributor

MacGillivray Freeman Films Marketing Team: Lori Rick, Mary Jane Dodge, Jamie Hinrichs, Kristina Gonzales, Jeff Girard, Jason Paul, Tim Amick. IMAX Corporation Marketing Team: Bernie Paine, Duncan Macdonald, Chase Martin, Jennifer Lang, Lauren Dickerson, Rachel Javellana, Debi Struzan, Keith Sam, Katie Tibbs. Picture here are Mary Jane Dodge (MacGillivray Freeman Films), Thomas Wyss (IMAX Corporation), and Lori Rick (MacGillivray Freeman Films). Other nominees in this category: BIG & Digital, Dragons: Real Myths and Unreal Creatures; IMAX Corporation, Island of Lemurs: Madagascar; National Geographic Studios, Jerusalem; National Geographic Studios, Mysteries of the Unseen World.

Journey to Mecca

Best Educational Program

Omniversum Education team: Ingrid de Groot, Jennifer de Haas, Marina Rijerkerk, Inge van Rooij. Pictured here are Journey to Mecca producer Taran Davies and Alexandra van der Zee from Omniversum.

National Geographic Studios

Big Idea

The Big Idea Award is given for the most original and effective idea of a single marketing campaign. Marketing campaigns submitted in all categories are considered for this award. National Geographic Studios was given this award for its outreach to the interfaith community to promote the film Jerusalem. Pictured here are Mark Katz, Antonietta Monteleone, Nikki Lowry, John Wickstrom, Bethany Jones, and Brooke Runnette of National Geographic Studios.

Paul Fraser

Big Shoe Award

The Big Shoe award recipients are selected by GSCA staff to recognize exemplary volunteers. Pictured here are GSCA Executive Director Tammy Barrett, Paul Fraser of Blaze Digital Cinema Works, and GSCA Communications and Membership Director Kelly Germain.

Alvis Wales

Big Shoe Award

Pictured here are GSCA Executive Director Tammy Barrett, Alvis Wales, and GSCA Communications and Membership Director Kelly Germain.

Peter Herb

John Gifford with Glenn Shaver

Projectionists John Gifford and Peter Herb

Special Recognition by GSCA and IMAX

GSCA and IMAX Corporation gave special recognition to Peter Herb for 35 years of service as an IMAX theatre projectionist at Detroit Science Center and Michigan Science Center, and to John Gifford for 41 years of service as an IMAX theatre projectionist at Ontario Place and Ontario Science Centre.

Maximum Image Awards, Presented by IMAX

Space Station 3D

Hall of Fame Award

The IMAX Hall of Fame Award goes to a giant screen film that is at least 10 years old and is selected by vote of the IMAX theater network. Pictured here are Associate Producer Judy Carroll; Director, Writer, and Editor Toni Myers; and David Douglas, Director of Photography: Additional Photography.

McWane Science Center

Best IMAX Booth (Film)

Pictured here is Greg Sanford, Director of IMAX Operations at the McWane Science Center.

Cinema City IMAX Krakow

Best IMAX Booth (Digital)

No photo available