GSCA Achievement Awards

During the COVID-19 pandemic, with theaters closed, film productions on hold, and GSCA events being held virtually rather than in person, we did not present the GSCA traditional awards in 2020 or 2021. However, in 2021 we celebrated the industry’s resilience and how everyone worked together to keep audiences safe and engaged during the pandemic. We asked members to send examples of their virtual programming, clips from webinars and instructional videos, testimonials, and anything else that demonstrated industry resilience. We also asked members to nominate people, groups, and organizations who stepped forward in 2020 and 2021 to lead the industry and help members through these challenges. With all of that input, we produced an Awards and Recognition program for the GSCA 2021 Virtual Conference.

However, when GSCA reconvened for in-person events, films that were released in 2021 received awards during the 2022 Conference in Chattanooga, and marketing campaigns launched in 2021 were awarded at the 2023 Conference in Indianapolis. The photos of the film and marketing award winners below are from those conferences.

We kicked off the 2021 GSCA Virtual Conference on September 20 with the Awards and Recognition program, sponsored by IMAX. During the session, IMAX announced the Hall of Fame Award winners—Hubble and Under the Sea—and shared a poignant tribute to IMAX co-founder Graeme Ferguson. GSCA staff awarded The Big Shoe, which recognizes exemplary volunteers, to Mary Jane Dodge, Paul Wild, and James Hyder.

GSCA also celebrated the industry’s resilience. We were inspired by our members and how they worked together while theaters were closed and productions were put on hold. Our members’ collective efforts were an important reminder to audiences around the world that we are vital and that we make a difference. Thank you to everyone who sent in their videos demonstrating how they had kept audiences engaged and safe during the pandemic.

And while we were virtual, that doesn’t mean GSCA wasn’t active. We were busier than ever, and we took a look back at some highlights from the past 18 months and how our volunteers helped us make it all happen. The video included here is the awards and recognition presentation we shared during the 2021 Virtual Conference.


Best Film-Short Subject
Best Film for Lifelong Learning
Best Cinematography
Best Sound Design
Best Original Score
Best Visual Effects

Directed by Fredi Devas, produced by BBC Studios Natural History Unit, distributed by SK Films. Cinematography by Alexander Vail, Hugh Miller, John Aitchison, Rolf Steinmann, Mark MacEwen, John Brown, Bertie Gregory, Pete McCowen, Ted Giffords, Dan Beecham, Espen Rekdal, and Justin Hoffman. Sound design by Tim Owens, Kate Hopkins, and Jonny Crew. Score composed by Hans Zimmer and Jacob Shea. VFX by Onsight LTD. Pictured here are Tony Maher (Onsight); Myles Connolly (360-Media); Amber Hawtin and Wendy MacKeighan (SK Films); Jonathan Williams (BBC); Tyler Mifflin and Alex Mifflin (SK Films); and Simon Craddock (Onsight).

Tenet: The IMAX Experience

Best Film-Feature Length

Directed by Christopher Nolan, produced by Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictured here is Gina Glen from IMAX.

Giant Screen Films, Dinosaurs of Antarctica

Best Marketing Campaign by a Distributor 2021

Pictured here is Don Kempf from Giant Screen Films.

Big Shoe Award Winners

The Big Shoe recipients are selected by GSCA staff to recognize exemplary volunteers.

Mary Jane Dodge

MacGillivray Freeman Films

James Hyder

LF Examiner

Paul Wild

IMAX Victoria at the Royal BC Museum, K2 Studios, Destination Cinema

Maximum Image Awards, Presented by IMAX

IMAX Corporation also presented the Hall of Fame Award, which is voted by the IMAX theater networking and honors a giant screen film that is at least 10 years old. Two films were inducted in 2021.

Hubble 3D

IMAX Hall of Fame Award

Produced by Warner Bros. and IMAX Entertainment in cooperation with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Produced by Toni Myers, Judy Carroll, and Graeme Ferguson. Written and directed by Toni Myers. Cinematography by James Neihouse.

Under the Sea 3D

IMAX Hall of Fame Award

Produced by Warner Bros., IMAX, and Howard Hall Productions. Produced by Graeme Ferguson, Toni Myers, and Michele Hall. Directed by Howard Hall. Written by Howard Hall, Toni Myers, and Graeme Ferguson.