Best Film Launch by a Theater

Details for the 2023 awards will be announced soon

Best Film Launch by a Theater Criteria

GSCA’s Best Film Launch by a Theater is given for the best launch of an individual giant screen film by a theater between June 1, 2019, and May 31, 2020. If the campaign launch falls within 60 days of the deadline for eligibility, the theater has the option of submitting the campaign for awards consideration the following year. The theater must be a member of GSCA to submit an entry. Entries will be judged by your marketing colleagues in the giant screen cinema business and other marketing professionals.

Criteria below will guide the judging:

  1. Summary of the marketing goals and the strategies used to reach those goals, and the campaign’s successes and results.
  2. The methods of execution with samples of advertising, publicity articles, promotions, sponsorship, and collateral materials.
  3. The evaluation of results based on goals and objectives and how the results were measured.

Each GSCA member theater may enter as many marketing campaigns as they would like.

Campaigns conducted in all languages are eligible; however, the award entry must be submitted in English.

All entries must be submitted electronically via the online form, which includes 3 primary sections:
  • Marketing Plan: Describe the context, goals, strategies and tactics involved in planning this program. For context, please include the size of your market and your budget, including in-kind sponsorships, as this will be taken into consideration when comparing campaigns from smaller-market theaters. Please limit your response to no more than 600 words, which is about 2,700 characters. This section represents 20% of the judging.
  • Implementation: Describe how you implemented the following elements in your campaign: public relations, promotions, advertising, social media, collateral materials, and other elements. Judging in this section is based on creativity and quality of execution. Please limit your response to no more than 600 words, which is about 2,700 characters. This section represents 60% of the judging.
  • Measurement of Outcome: Describe the impact of the launch and how the results correlate to the campaign’s goals. Include quantifiable results, such as attendance, box office, visibility, impressions, new audiences reached, etc. Please limit your response to no more than 600 words, which is about 2,700 characters. This section represents 20% of the judging and is mandatory for consideration in the judging process.

Submission Worksheet

GSCA recommends that you complete your answers offline using the worksheet provided below and then copying and pasting your answers into the form. However, the worksheet is for your use only as you organize your entry. You must submit your entry using the online form. You can download the submission worksheet here: GSCA Marketing Award Submission Worksheet

Additional Materials

We encourage you to submit supplemental materials such as scans or PDFs of ads, media coverage, and other marketing materials; links to YouTube videos or web pages dedicated to the campaign; event photos; .mp3, .mp4 and other video files, etc. All items should be saved in a single folder with your organization in the folder name so we can match the items with your submission. Please send via or a file sharing application of your choice to, or contact Kelly for instructions on how to upload files to GSCA’s Dropbox account.


Please contact Kelly Germain if you have any questions: