May 29,
2019—BBC Studios are excited to
announce that SK Films has been appointed as the theatrical distributor for Antarctica:
Into the Unknown
, BBC Earth’s next IMAX
®/giant screen
film produced by the world-renowned BBC Studios Natural History Unit. SK Films
will distribute Antarctica in all formats.

“SK Films
has an incredible track record of producing and distributing high-quality giant
screen films. They will bring a host of new ideas to this project, and we look
forward to working with Wendy and her talented and energetic team to make Antarctica
the stand-out giant screen release of 2021,” explains Jonathan
Williams, Executive Producer, BBC Earth.

Antarctica is an
unknown, magical continent which is remote and hostile, beautiful and awe
inspiring. It is thousands of miles away, but what happens here affects every
single one of us.
Antarctica: Into the Unknown will take audiences on an
unforgettable journey of discovery, connection and hope. We are only just starting to
understand and reveal Antarctica’s secrets and the stories of the animals who
survive and thrive there.
The story of Antarctica itself is that of global unity. It is the only
place on earth where science and nature are put above everything else, with
tangible conservation success stories.

are thrilled to be working alongside the world-renowned and innovative team at
BBC Earth,” adds Wendy MacKeigan, CEO, SK Films. “BBC Earth is
known for premium content that dazzles giant screen audiences, and with our focus on
always creating high impact natural history,
working with
Jonathan and the BBC Earth team is a natural fit for us!”

film will be accompanied by an international educational and marketing outreach
campaign with the goal of uniting audiences globally to inspire change and
encourage the next generation to take care of this planet we all call home.


About BBC Earth

BBC Earth is a global portfolio brand that
invites audiences everywhere to engage with the wonders of our universe. We
bring amazing premium content, television and experiences to the world, across multiple
platforms including branded channels, live events, digital & social media,
AR/VR, theatrical releases for cinema & giant screen films, and consumer
products. We believe that celebrating and connecting with our world is more
important than ever, across nature, science, space and the human race. Along
with our partners we are continually innovating to find new stories and
experiences to bring insight, enlightenment and fresh perspectives to inspire
us to think and feel differently about our world. From the epic to the
everyday, BBC Earth brings you face to face with heart-pounding action,
mind-blowing ideas and the sheer wonder of being part of this amazing planet we
call home.    


About SK Films

SK Films is an award-winning content provider
and a global leader in the IMAX
Screen industry. SK works across various genres and platforms, including
theatrical, television and digital media, with a special emphasis on creating
high impact natural history and science related content. SK has a reputation as
one of the most accomplished and respected producers and distributors supplying
3D, 2D and Dome product to IMAX and other Giant Screen theatres worldwide. SK’s
mission is to entertain, inspire and immerse audiences in the awe and wonder of
the world we live in.


Source: SK Films