January 29, 2019—BIG & Digital announced today they are the official
distributor of Expedition Chesapeake, A Journey of Discovery, a
stunning film produced by Whitaker Center Productions in association with VIA
Studios Global.

The world premiere, with special guest and three-time Emmy Award
winning expedition leader Jeff Corwin, will take place March 20, 2019, in
Select Medical Digital Cinema at Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts
(Harrisburg, Pennsylvania).

Shot in 8K resolution for the giant screen by industry veteran
cinematographer James Neihouse, audiences will experience an epic journey
through streams, rivers, forests and marshlands learning about the critical
challenges facing watersheds across the globe and meet a few of the individuals
dedicated to making a real difference in the future of this vital resource.

From swimming with giant hellbenders and whimsical river otters,
to exploring waters that span from upstate New York to lower Virginia, Expedition
 will forever change the way audiences look at the
Chesapeake Bay watershed and the species that call it home.

Developed in partnership with a team of world-class scientists,
educators and conservationists, this powerful and immersive film encourages
audiences to appreciate the value of this watershed and dozens like it around
the world. 
Expedition Chesapeake will educate and inspire people everywhere to take the
necessary steps to support long-term conservation efforts within their
communities and fight for the future of the watershed in their backyards.

“From the early days of this project, we have been amazed by the
genuine interest and enthusiastic support we have received for the film,”
Producer Michael Hanes explained. “Scientists, educators and conservationists
have volunteered their time and their expertise to help an award-winning
production team bring this fascinating story to the Giant Screen. We’re
delighted to partner with BIG & Digital for world-wide distribution of the

“This is such an important topic for people not just in the states
located around the Bay, but across the world. This film’s stunning
cinematography and fascinating journey led by Jeff Corwin will delight the
family audience of museums,” said Tina Ratterman, President of BIG &
Digital. “We’re excited to be distributing this new film for release on the giant

BIG & Digital has worldwide distribution rights of all
formats. Release formats include IMAX
® Digital and Laser and DCI-Compliant 4K


Film Website: www.expeditionchesapeake.org

Social Media:

Twitter – www.twitter.com/EChesapeake
Facebook – 
Instagram – ExpeditionChesapeake


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About Whitaker Center Productions

Whitaker Center Productions, a non-profit organization established
in Harrisburg, PA in 2011, is committed to advancing science education through
the production of the first-ever giant screen film about the Chesapeake Bay
This film will provide innovative
learning experiences for children of all ages and their families. The goal of
this film is to create awareness of the threats facing watersheds around the
globe and educate viewers on what they can do to preserve and protect these
vital resources. Whitaker Center Productions is an independent, tax-exempt
501(c)(3) corporation governed by a volunteer board of directors.