December 2, 2015—The official U.S. premiere of Space Next 3D, a space documentary produced by Afterglow Studios and distributed by BIG & Digital, takes place December 4 in the newly renovated Giant Screen Theater at the National Infantry Museum (Columbus, Georgia). The theater has undergone a $1.8 million renovation, which includes the conversion from film projection to state-of-the-art digital. The theater's new 6P Christie laser projection system will be the first of its kind in the Southeast, and the first to show Space Next 3D to the public.

Space Next is a stunning film that takes audiences on a journey of mankind’s pursuit of the stars. It's a great film for our new theater,” said Jordan Beck, Creative Director for the Theater at the National Infantry Museum.

Space Next brings us up to speed on where we’ve been, where we are now, and boldly ventures beyond today to tell the story of where we are going; all in breathtaking, state-of-the art imagery and evocative sound design to transport audiences to the future,” said Tina Ratterman, president of BIG & Digital.

Producer Luke Ployhar explained, “We worked with leading scientists and consultants from NASA and other institutions to create the visuals and story of Space Next. The film presents actual possibilities of what lies in the future of space development and exploration. The attention to detail of the visual effects are perfect for this topic on the Giant Screen.”

The film is available in all Digital formats, including flat screen and fulldome, 4K and 8K, 2D and 3D. Run times include 38 and 25 minutes. The film is supported with a comprehensive marketing campaign and includes a 23-page Educator's Guide with activities to support Next Generation Science Standards.

Space Next 3D will have its European premiere on December 17 at Tycho Brahe Planetarium in Copenhagen.

BIG & Digital has worldwide distribution rights of all formats. Sub-Distribution Partners include Evans & Sutherland (Fulldome worldwide, excluding Japan) and D&D Pictures (Fulldome and Flat Screen in Japan).

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BIG & Digital specializes in distribution of films for museums with IMAX® and Giant Screen Theaters and Planetariums. BIG & Digital was founded in 2009 by Tina Ratterman, a veteran in the giant screen industry. From Kids Corner Pre-School Movies to documentaries about space, mythical creatures, our environment and more, BIG & Digital inspires audiences of all ages through large-format and small theater venues worldwide. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada. More information can be found at

About Afterglow Studios

Afterglow Studios was founded in 2007 by Luke Ployhar as a Digital Animation and Post Studio. Luke Ployhar has worked in Visual Effects and Animation for over 15 years with credits that include Minority Report, A.I., Planet of the Apes and many other feature films. With the everchanging digital landscape and needs for a multitude of media outlets, Afterglow Studios provides cutting edge Visual Effects, Animation and Design. After working on several Giant Screen films providing Effects and Post solutions, Ployhar and Afterglow Studios decided to venture into the realm of feature film-making. Space Next is Afterglow Studio's first production for the Giant Screen industry.



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