July 7, 2015–BIG & Digital, LLC and Afterglow Studios, Inc. announced today that Space Next will be distributed worldwide by BIG & Digital to the network of IMAX®, giant screen, and fulldome theaters in fall 2015.

Space Next, directed and produced by Luke Ployhar of Afterglow Studios, takes us on a journey of mankind's pursuit to reach the stars. From the beginning of our earliest dreams that sparked the imagination to the machines that took us there, Space Next will present the history that inspired generations and inventions that have changed the world forever. The film will reveal the possibilities of what is to come next and will explore the exciting future of private space developments, national space programs, and the latest innovations. The result is a mesmerizing display of intergalactic excellence sure to inspire the next generation of dreamers and astronomers.

“The concept of Space Next started while I was doing the animation and visual effects for the film Space Junk,” said Luke Ployhar of Afterglow Studios, Inc., “The Space Shuttle Program was winding down and many topics were being discussed about the future of space development and privatization. We began doing research and found that there are fantastic developments for a film that will inspire young audiences to learn more about space science and the possibility of interstellar travel.”

Working with leading scientists and consultants from NASA and other institutions, Space Next does not just show speculations, but actual possibilities of what lies in the future of space development and exploration.

“We are pleased to be working with Ployhar of Afterglow Studios and a team of experts to bring this new film to museums and planetariums,” said Tina Ratterman, president of BIG & Digital. “The future of space travel is exciting and relevant and this film will bring audiences something they have never seen on the giant screen.”

A 40-minute and a 20-minute version of Space Next will be released, featuring mesmerizing CGI animation and visual effects in 4K stereoscopic. Space Next will have its industry premiere at the Giant Screen Cinema Association International Conference and Trade Show in San Francisco in September 2015.

More information on the film can be found at www.spacenextmovie.com and updates and announcements can be received through social media: Twitter: www.twitter.com/spacenextmovie and Facebook: www.facebook.com/spacenext

Distribution and leasing information is available from BIG & Digital. Contact: info@biganddigital.com or 702-932-4045.

About Afterglow Studios
Afterglow Studios was founded in 2007 by Luke Ployhar as a Digital Animation and Post Studio. Luke Ployhar has worked in Visual Effects and Animation for over 15 years with credits that include Minority Report, A.I., Planet of the Apes and many other feature films. With the ever-changing digital landscape and needs for a multitude of media outlets, Afterglow Studios provides cutting edge Visual Effects, Animation and Design. After working on several Giant Screen films providing Effects and Post solutions, Ployhar and Afterglow Studios decided to venture into the realm of feature film-making. Space Next is Afterglow Studio's first production for the Giant Screen industry.

About BIG & Digital, LLC
BIG & Digital specializes in distribution of films for museums with IMAX® and Giant Screen Theaters and Planetariums. BIG & Digital was founded in 2009 by Tina Ratterman, a veteran in the giant screen industry with 18 years of successful marketing and distribution experience. Current films in distribution include Dragons: Real Myths and Unreal Creatures and Watermelon Magic. More information can be found at

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