September 20, 2017—BIG & Digital, LLC and Reef Distribution, of
Munich Germany, have announced that The
Secrets of Gravity—in the Footsteps of Albert Einstein
and the classic and
digitally remastered Kaluoka’hina, the
Enchanted Reef
will be distributed in the Americas to the network of giant screen and fulldome theaters by BIG & Digital.


Written and directed by Peter Popp of Softmachine Immersive
Productions, The Secrets of Gravity
is a new award-winning animated fulldome Show being released to digital flat
screen theaters on October 1 and is available in fulldome now.


LIMBRADUR is a 12-year-old boy fascinated by the stars, the
universe and the laws of nature. So, one night he sneaks into the Albert
Einstein Museum, where he meets ALBY X3, a small, clever but rather quirky
robot who knows all about Albert Einstein and his theories. ALBY takes
LIMBRADUR, and the audience, on a magical journey of discovery through time and
space, during which they not only uncover the secrets of gravity but also learn
much about friendship and imagination. For LIMBRADUR and ALBY both have secrets
of their own. Available run times include 45, 28 and 11 Minutes in 3D and 2D.


Kaluoka’hina, the Enchanted
is a colorful adventure about a coral reef and its diverse inhabitants.
Uniting an intriguing plot about an endangered reef together with lovable and
quirky characters, and an environmental cause, Kaluoka’hina, The Enchanted Reef is an instructive adventure,
packed with humor, sprinkled with conservationism, as well as educational
flavor: a treat for the entire family.


Kaluoka’hina is available
now in 15/70mm 2D and Digital Flat and Fulldome 3D and 2D formats. The run time
is 32 minutes and is available in over 25 languages. This classic has been
licensed by more than 300 fulldome theaters since its original release in 2004.


“We are excited to be distributing these films to museums in the
Americas. Peter Popp’s stories and animation are fun and engaging. They combine
learning with adventure in a very effective way,” said Tina Ratterman, Founder
of BIG & Digital, adding, “Many of our Giant Screen customers also have
fulldome theaters. The content shown in flat and dome theaters in museums is
merging. What has been traditional IMAX and giant screen documentary content is
now shown in planetariums, and astronomy and fulldome content is being
converted to Flat Screen. The industry is exciting and evolving and we are
expanding our content and team to support our customers.”


“Working with Tina Ratterman from BIG & Digital is a
future-thinking step for distribution in North America of our productions,”
said Peter Popp, Director and Founder of Softmachine. Distribution and leasing
information is available from BIG & Digital. Contact:
or 702-932-4045.


About Reef Distribution

Reef Distribution is a world distributor specialized in the
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BIG & Digital specializes in distribution of films for museums
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