March 3, 2017—Blaze Digital Cinema Works has become Blaze Cineworks, and the business has re-located from Westport, Connecticut, to Saint Petersburg, Florida. These changes were effective January 1, 2017, as Blaze began its second decade of operation.

Founded by Paul Fraser in December 2006 at the dawn of the digital cinema era, Blaze is an independent consulting and project management firm specializing in business development and planning for clients in exhibition, distribution, and production. Blaze’s assignments serve practically any type of out-of-home screen—dome and flat, large and small, 2D/3D/4D.

A Blaze specialty is guiding museum theater clients, as an owner’s rep, through the business planning for, and ultimately the acquisition of, a new digital projection system. (In these projects, Blaze works only for the theater owner, and never the integrator or vendor).

Blaze also helps develop giant-screen (GS) and fulldome (FD) films through planning and executive production services, and handles film distribution assignments. Content projects can include developing 360 video and virtual reality projects that are companions to GS/FD films.

For more information about Blaze’s services, a partial list of past clients and testimonials, and Paul Fraser’s bio, please visit the new website


Paul S. Fraser

Blaze Cineworks LLC
10460 Roosevelt Blvd N, #180

Saint Petersburg, Florida 33716

Tel. (203) 292-5745