“BLUE WHALES: RETURN OF THE GIANTS”, produced by Oceanic Films & HHMI Tangled Bank Studios Wins Best Science Film Award & The Audience Award at 2024 Beijing International Film Festival

SK Films, Oceanic Films and HHMI Tangled Bank Studios are excited to share that “BLUE WHALES: RETURN OF THE GIANTS” has taken home the Best Science Film Award and The Audience Award at the 2024 Beijing International Film Festival, which took place on April 24th. The Andy Serkis narrated-film has been performing incredibly well for in IMAX/Giant Screen Theaters who have booked the film, and has had audiences raving since it was released.

The film was produced by Oceanic Films with major funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and is the third collaboration between SK Films and HHMI Tangled Bank Studios (Amazon Adventure and Backyard Wilderness).

Blue whales are the largest animals ever to have lived, bigger than any dinosaur, yet we know surprisingly little about them. “BLUE WHALES: RETURN OF THE GIANTS” will entertain audiences of all ages and transform our understanding of these iconic creatures as we experience their spectacular feeding habits, their awesome long-distance communication, and their tender mother-calf bonds. The film follows two scientific expeditions: one, a high-risk mission to find a missing population of blue whales, not seen in 50 years off the Seychelles Islands in the Indian Ocean; and the other, to join Diane Gendron, the “Blue Whale Whisperer,” in Mexico’s Gulf of California, where she and her team eavesdrop on whale conversations and explore the important role these remarkable animals play in the health of our oceans.

“We are thrilled to receive these prestigious awards and further the film’s global outreach. SK is immensely proud to be part of this talented team headed by Hugh Pearson, the film’s producer and director, who persevered to bring, for the first time ever, a giant screen film on blue whales.” Says Wendy MacKeigan, CEO of SK Films and Executive Producer of “BLUE WHALES”.

The film’s release has been accompanied by two amazing interactives and an international educational and marketing outreach campaign with the goal of uniting audiences globally to inspire change and encourage the next generation to take care of our oceans.

“BLUE WHALES” is now playing in select Giant Screen and IMAX Theaters globally Visit the film’s website for more information and to explore the interactive materials: http://bluewhalesfilm.com
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