September 4, 2014—IMAX is pleased to announce that the Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin will install IMAX’s cutting-edge digital projection system. The technology will allow the iconic state museum to present a wider array of IMAX content, offering greater programming flexibility.
The IMAX digital projection system is the most advanced digital projection system in the industry. It delivers crystal-clear, lifelike images with approximately 40% greater contrast and 60% more brightness found in other digital projection systems.
 “We are very pleased to bring IMAX digital technology to our theatre” said John Lewis, Theater Operations Manager at the Museum.  “The system will allow us to better serve our community through expanded programming, reaching new and larger audiences through the IMAX experience.”

An IMAX customer since 2001, the Bullock Texas State History Museum has delighted millions of guests by presenting awe-inspiring IMAX documentaries that have taken audiences from the far reaches of space to the depths of the ocean.  The commitment to the IMAX digital system marks a new chapter in this legacy that will allow the Museum to offer patrons a greater variety of IMAX digital content previously unavailable.