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Our Long Path to the Giant Screen and Why We Think the Medium Matters

By Andrew L. Young Co-Director/Producer/DP, Backyard Wilderness Susan and I feel unbelievably fortunate to have not only finished our first Giant Screen film, Backyard Wilderness, but to have received a big nod from our peers in the industry. Ever since our first conference, the GSCA has been incredibly welcoming to us as newcomers. But before we were regulars on the scene with our three-minute teaser, back when we were still trying to choose the best marketplace for our film, Giant Screen was anything but a slam [...]

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When the Fun Is There, the People Will Be There Too

As I sit down to write, I have a lump in my throat. I recently retired after 37 years as a science museum CEO. And sometimes I choke up with gratitude for having had that opportunity to serve what I love. I have been deeply invested all these years in positioning the museums I led not only as institutions known for science education but also as community beacons that foster community spirit, family learning, youth development with an eye to workforce development and…. pure unadulterated fun. [...]

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What Is The Giant Screen Difference And Why Do I Keep Coming Back To It?

Earlier this year a friend of mine asked me why I insist on working in large format. Why spend four years or more to make a 40-minute documentary? What’s the attraction? I was forced to truly consider the question. Do I love the process? Do I build ships because I love the act of building them, or are they a means to explore unknown shores? I love telling stories, true, but I can do this in other formats with much less hassle. So why do it? [...]

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