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Challenger Learning Center Keeps It Local By Showcasing the Music and Cultural Diversity in Its Own Community

America’s Musical Journey is an inspiring film with a focus on the beauty and importance of diversity in the US, and Challenger Learning Center (CLC) wanted to do the same on a local level. Tallahassee, Florida, is home to a strong arts community, so the big idea behind CLC’s launch for America’s Musical Journey was to showcase the diverse culture and innovation that are alive in its very own city. Campaign Strategies, Goals, and Tactics The film launch campaign was a strategized a multilayered approach that [...]

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Tennessee Aquarium's Comprehensive Campaign for Backyard Wilderness Drives Spring Break Attendance

Tennessee Aquarium Marketing Officer Cindy Todd had her eye on Backyard Wilderness in development at the GSCA conference for the last several years, knowing that it could be a perfect fit for the mission of the Tennessee Aquarium, which is to “connect people to nature and empower them to make informed decisions about water and wildlife.” Like the Tennessee Aquarium, this film reveals what is truly extraordinary right in our own backyard. Campaign Goals, Strategies and Tactics Goals: Driving revenue and attendance for the IMAX Theater, [...]

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The "Pandas" Marketing Campaign Repositioned Them As Not Just Cute and Cuddly But As Endangered Animals That Need Our Help

IMAX and Warner Bros. (WB) joined forces to develop a strategy including creative development, publicity, digital, exhibition, and more to reposition pandas as not just cute and cuddly animals, but as endangered animals who need our help. Infusing levity and a sense of wonder throughout the marketing campaign, IMAX and WB also reinforced the consumer value proposition: IMAX brings people together through extraordinary experiences. A major tentpole in the campaign was selecting a narrator who could appeal to a wide range of audiences, would be a [...]

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IMAX Melbourne's Big Idea to Partner with Sichuan Airlines for Pandas 3D

At the September 2017 GSCA conference in Chicago, IMAX Melbourne General Manager Richard Morrison and PR & Brand Manager Kate Piasecka met with acclaimed director Drew Fellman to discuss his latest project, a film about pandas. Drew’s passion for the film was infectious, the footage screened during the conference was incredible, and both Kate and Richard knew the film would be a hit with their audiences. Melbourne has a strong connection to China, with Chinese migration dating back to the Gold Rush in the 1850s. Today, [...]

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IMAX Melbourne's "20 Years of IMAX" Campaign Targets Core Audience: The One Percenters

The Campaign On May 22, 2018, IMAX Melbourne Museum turned 20. To celebrate, they launched a year-long integrated brand and publicity campaign that focused on a tip shared during the 2017 GSCA Marketing Symposium: the importance of engaging with and acknowledging your core audience, your “one percenters.” Plus, they threw a huge party. Winner of the GSCA 2018 Best Theater Marketing Campaign, Melbourne's #20YearsOfIMAX suite of eye-catching assets is bold, creative and has cut through in all markets. Strategy The ultimate goal in developing this yearlong campaign was to [...]

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IMAX Victoria in the Royal BC Museum Launches Its Campaign for America's Musical Journey with a Flash

Winner of the 2018 GSCA Achievement Award for Best Film Launch by a Theater, IMAX Victoria in the Royal BC Museum launched America's Musical Journey with a flash—a flash mob, that is. With outreach to local dance groups, music schools, stores and venues, this theater created buzz by hosting four special opening screenings featuring an appearance by the film’s star, Aloe Blacc, and a special off-site concert featuring Blacc, where the only way to get tickets was by winning them in contests. Local dancegroups delighted audiences [...]

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Montreal Goes Wild for IMAX with Laser

Staying front of mind in a competitive market is always a challenge, but the Montreal Science Centre has quite the challenge. Within a 15-mile radius of the Montreal Science Centre IMAX Telus Theatre, there are 25 megaplex cinemas, with an average of seven screens per megaplex, all offering 3D technology and more than 50 new Hollywood movies per year—with multi-million dollar media buys. In the same 15-mile radius, there are 12 IMAX screens, which all show educational giant screen films and Hollywood films and use IMAX [...]

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Tornado Intercept Vehicle Stars in Denver's Marketing Campaign for "Extreme Weather 3D"

In 2017, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science Phipps IMAX Theater (DMNS) made the star of their Extreme Weather 3D marketing campaign an object instead of a person—move over, Sean Casey. The Tornado Intercept Vehicle (TIV) rolled up to the museum to much fanfare and was positioned in front of the Museum for three weeks. The social media campaign and organic posts were incredible. Dozens of TIV photos were posted to Facebook, garnering the single greatest organic reach and engagement of any other post to [...]

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Speakers Can Launch Your Marketing Campaign Out of This World

In 2016, the IMAX Melbourne theater rolled out an integrated marketing campaign featuring former NASA Astronaut Marsha Ivins to promote their release of A Beautiful Planet 3D. The campaign, which won a the GSCA award for Best Film Launch by a Theater, resulted in their most successful three-month period for a documentary film in three and a half years. At the GSCA Conference in 2015, former NASA Astronaut Marsha Ivins gave an impressive presentation of the development of the film. Theater staff approached Ivins and IMAX [...]

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Boost Posts or Promote Posts on Facebook? Which is Better?

Part of the promotional campaign that TELUS World of Science– Edmonton (TWOSE) developed for the launch of MacGillivray Freeman’s Humpback Whales was frequent posts in their social media channels. TWOSE utilized the movie trailer, movie stills, behind-the-scenes videos, educational vignettes, and film trivia. They boosted some of their posts with successful outcomes. As we all experiment with social media paid advertising, we find tips and tricks that work better for us. One tip is to allow enough time to let the post gain some traction organically [...]

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