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The giant-screen films are thrilling for audiences and filmmakers alike. Making them can be challenging, often much more so than other forms of entertainment. However, there’s no better feeling than watching your film alongside a rapt audience after all the time you’ve put in to make it great. And if that audience is composed of industry vets and theater managers, even better! This document has attempted to lay out the basics of production, primarily from a mechanical perspective, but be aware that there are many other [...]

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45. Digital Deliverables

Deliverables are the elements producers are required to provide to distributors or financiers to fulfill the terms of the production contract. Terms DSM: Digital source master. The original motion picture supplied to the encoding facility. DCDM: Digital cinema distribution master. The post-production step prior to a DCP. The frames are in XYZ TIFF format; sound and picture are not yet wrapped into MXF files. DCP: Digital cinema package. A collection of digital files used to store and convey digital cinema audio, image, and data streams to [...]

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44. Digital Mastering

The giant screen amplifies every aspect of the filmmaking process, and any imperfection will be magnified for the audience. Therefore, GS images should be captured and on-lined in non-compressed formats whenever possible, retaining the original formats before outputting at the current standard of 4K. Even visually lossless compression schemes throw away data that can be used to improve the image during the up-res process. The original image data (or a clone) should be used to produce the final digital negative or digital source master. This keeps [...]

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41. Insert Frame Extensions

Frame extensions may have been built for the 3D 4x3 version of the film. If additional extensions are required specifically for the dome version then they should be inserted now.   Forward to 42. Online of Titles, Graphics, and Credits Back to 40. Pan and Scan for Dome

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