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Tool Kit

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About the Certified Giant Screen® Program

GSCA developed the Certified Giant Screen Program to differentiate the giant screen experience and support members in their efforts to communicate and market that differentiation. We believe that all giant screen theaters offer a premium, immersive movie experience, and we created our certification and marketing programs to help our members succeed by clearly communicating one of their theater’s unique differences.

A survey of 4,700 consumers conducted by the GSCA, online and in theaters, revealed that people want movies on a bigger screen. Nearly 70% said knowing they could see a film on a “certified giant screen” would impact their theatergoing decision. This new certification will allow theaters to display the GSCA’s trademarked certification icons and “Bigger. Bolder. Better.” tagline in all the theater’s marketing materials to help further differentiate it from a crowded marketplace of new projection alternatives.

Trademark Review

GSCA has taken steps to eliminate any potential trademark confusion. After an extensive trademark review, analysis by our own legal representatives, and input from industry manufacturing partners, we are confident that qualifying theaters following the guidelines as outlined in the tool kit will be able to participate in the program with no legal repercussions from other trademark partners.

Both the tagline and icon are designed to supplement member marketing efforts, not to replace them. GSCA has taken steps to eliminate any potential confusion with other trademarks and believes the program gives audiences yet another reason to see films on a giant screen.

What is a giant screen?

Participating giant screen theaters must meet the following requirements. Giant screens are at least:

  • 70 feet (21.3 meters) wide, or
  • 3,100 square feet (288 square meters) in total area for flat screens, or
  • 60 feet (18.3 meters) in diameter for domes, and
  • Place all seating within one screen width of the screen plane
Flat Screen Icon Dome Screen Icon

More information on how GSCA arrived at the Certified Giant Screen specifications is available here: How the Certified Giant Screen Specifications Were Determined

Who can participate in the program?

The program is available to GSCA members in good standing (i.e. dues have been paid) whose theaters qualify for GSCA’s Certified Giant Screen designation, which is listed above, and who have signed the trademark license agreement.

How do we participate?

Please contact GSCA if you have questions or would like to participate:

Your organization will be given a unique username and password to access the program tool kit and marketing materials.

Bigger. Bolder. Better., the GIANT SCREEN CERTIFIED logo, GIANT SCREEN CERTIFIED and CERTIFIED GIANT SCREEN are trademarks of Giant Screen Cinema Association.

Participating Theaters

Who is participating?

A map of theaters participating in the program can be found here. This map is updated regularly as more theaters join the program: Participating Certified Giant Screen Theaters