January 12, 2023—Cosm, previously a lead investor in the computer vision SaaS firm C360, has just acquired the company outright to complement its own immersive and experiential technology. Pittsburgh-based C360 is the developer of PylonCam, an innovative video angle deployed during NFL and college broadcasts on ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC and CBS. Its other sports activations include NetCam for hockey, CornerCam for baseball, a Below-Rim cam for basketball, an OnBoard cam for car racing and SkyCam for multiple sports. C360 has also authored proprietary apps that allow fans to watch events from personalized viewpoints and also streams content in augmented, virtual and mixed reality formats. The acquisition is expected to enhance Cosm’s D2C and VR offerings, which gained notoriety at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. Read the full article about the Cosm C360 acquisition at the Sport Business Journal here