October 26, 2016—Tribal Planet, Inc. (“Tribal”) and Cosmic Picture (“Cosmic”) are pleased to announce their partnership to bring Cosmic's upcoming 3D film for giant screen and IMAX® theaters, Einstein's Incredible Universe (the “Film”), to market. The Film is a thrilling giant screen expedition into the universe of Albert Einstein and the puzzles that ignited his imagination at a young age. From space-time warping to time travel, we will discover how our world today is shaped by the curiosity of a child who couldn't stop thinking, demonstrating the role creativity and imagination play in scientific discovery.

Einstein's Incredible Universe is slated to begin production in 2017 and premier in IMAX® and giant screen theaters located in many of the most influential and visited museums and science centers around the world in 2019. Tribal and Cosmic are seeking brand partnerships for the Film, which will be authentically weaved into the Film's product narration by aligning the scientific discoveries made by Einstein with today's leading technology and innovation creators.

Tribal's Citizen Science mobile app platform will also be featured within the Film, offering viewers a chance to engage with curated Einstein activities on their mobile device. Citizen Science is a mobile app platform that enables STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) education inside and outside of the classroom, demonstrating the excitement and power of these disciplines through experiments, games and play on a mobile device. Citizen Science is supported by an ecosystem of global partners including leading educational institutions, entertainers, brands, mobile technologies and global thought leaders.

“We are very excited to be part of bringing Einstein's Incredible Universe to market,” said Jeff Martin, Founder & CEO of Tribal Planet. “Our Citizen Science mobile platform encourages self-discovery and scientific exploration in kids of all ages, through their mobile phone, outside of the classroom, and on their own terms. By linking Citizen Science directly to the revolutionary scientific discoveries made by Einstein, we hope to further inspire and ignite the imaginations of kids around the world.”

Exclusive Film content will be incorporated into Citizen Science as part of a new Einstein channel, including behind the scenes footage, exciting content and experiments around Einstein's discoveries, and potentially national and international competitions to find the world's next Einsteins.  

“Using the ultimate immersive visual medium of the giant screen to explore the unseen forces of the world that Einstein discovered, we hope to inspire children and audiences to use their imagination and think creatively to solve some of the great puzzles of the universe and provoke curiosity in the Sciences,” said Taran Davies, Co-Founder and Producer of Cosmic Picture. “We are also tremendously excited to extend the reach of this 3D giant screen movie and educational program with Tribal Planet's Citizen Science mobile platform, which we hope will broaden the impact of Einstein's remarkable imagination and groundbreaking ideas and make them more accessible for children.”

Einstein's Incredible Universe also provides Citizen Science the opportunity for global distribution as there are approximately 250 institutional giant screen and IMAX® theaters worldwide, which exhibit educational giant screen films to 35 million people a year. Cosmic has formed the Einstein Museum Interest Group, which currently includes more than 25 of the world's leading Museums and Science Centers who are actively involved in the development and release of the film.

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About Tribal Planet
Tribal Planet is a leading technology platform company creating mobile innovation and consumer engagement platforms around global issues including education, sustainability, health and equality. Tribal Planet's mobile platforms empower citizens from around the world to engage, learn, discover and collaborate in helping to solve the greatest challenges facing our world today. Tribal Planet is headquartered in San Mateo, California.

About Cosmic Picture
Cosmic seeks to make the most compelling cinematic experiences possible and to change people's perception of the universe in unexpected ways. Past films include award-winning IMAX® and giant screen productions and transformative environmental documentaries with tremendous social impact. More information about Cosmic Picture can be found at www.cosmicpicture.com.

Source: PR Newswire