June 27, 2018—In addition to co-distributing its highly anticipated original production Superpower Dogs with IMAX (March 2019), Cosmic Picture is proud to announce it will also distribute two additional giant screen films in 2019.

In the fall of 2019, Cosmic Picture will launch Sean Casey’s Back from the Brink. Casey’s most recent films include the award-winning Extreme Weather and Tornado Alleyand he now turns his unique vision to wild animals. This immersive film will explore extraordinary true stories of animals rescued from the brink of extinction. Audiences will meet California’s endearing Channel Island Fox, the smallest canid in the world, imperiled by the introduction of Golden Eagles to their only habitat. We will witness the stunning migration of the Christmas Island Red Crabs, thinned dangerously by the Crazy Ant invasion. And, finally, we journey to Yunnan, China to find the enigmatic Golden Monkey, one of the most endangered primates in the world, living in one of the most biodiverse and remote regions on Earth. Back from the Brink, with real and inspiring conservation stories, will renew your hope that our threatened planet and all its inhabitants can be saved.

Also in 2019, Cosmic Picture will debut Expedition Chesapeake, A Journey of Discovery, an immersive expedition through the stunning beauty of Chesapeake Bay, the iconic watershed which stretches thousands of miles along America’s East Coast from New York to Virginia. Led by award winning biologist and host of ABC’s Ocean Treks, Jeff Corwin, we will encounter the intricate and surprising web of plants, animals, people, land, and our most critical natural resource, water, and discover this region’s environmental success stories. Audiences will discover how seemingly small efforts can improve the health of Chesapeake Bay for all its inhabitants, and how these lessons can be applied in major waterways around the world.

“I am extremely thrilled to expand our film library with these two new important and powerful films. Our goal is to bring content to theaters that is meaningful, educational, and entertaining. We strive for excellence in quality and entertaining spectacle, and these films will deliver that to museum cinemas,” said Cosmic Picture President of Distribution, Antonietta Monteleone.


About Cosmic Picture

Cosmic Picture was founded to produce and distribute the most compelling cinematic experiences possible to change people’s perception of the universe in ways never imagined.  Cosmic Picture’s latest production was the award-winning giant screen documentary Jerusalem, a film that smashed box office records in giant screen theaters worldwide. For more information, visiwww.cosmicpicture.com.

Source: Cosmic Picture