""October 20, 2023—After a thorough industry study and technical analysis, D3D Cinema has been selected by the Centro de Ciencias Explora (Explora Science Centre) to install a new digital 3D cinema system in a once-in-a-generation upgrade of Explora’s Giant Screen Theater.

D3D will replace the almost 30-year old IMAX 15-perf/70mm film-based projector with dual fourth-generation Barco® SP4K laser projectors in a 3D configuration, illuminating the 22.5-meter (74-feet) wide screen with dazzling ultra high-resolution images featuring lush, vibrant colors and deep, infinite blacks, bringing 2D and 3D cinema experiences alive. The immersive cinema sensation will be complemented by a powerful Dolby ATMOS® multi-channel sound system—revealing depth, clarity and audio details like never before, reproducing sounds as soft as a whisper or as loud as a hurricane with equal fidelity.

Importantly, the new D3D cinema system will provide potential, performance and flexibility far beyond the capabilities of the former projection equipment in a considerably more user-friendly and easy-to-maintain configuration. A full alternative content package will empower Explora to bolster a regular program of mission-related educational documentary films with exciting new programming opportunities like specialty cinema, broadcast and streaming content, as well as turn the theater into a flexible and capable event space for everything from lectures, conferences and presentations to private rentals, gaming competitions and artistic exhibitions.

“We are very enthusiastic, excited and motivated to present the latest in giant-screen 3D cinema technology in Explora’s Leonardo Da Vinci Theater, and we’re thankful to D3D for their close partnership in the design, integration and support of this spectacular new addition to our science centre”, said Jorge Carlos Obregón Serrano, President of the Explora Board of Trustees. “Our new D3D laser giant-screen theater will fulfill a critical role in the scientific dissemination of knowledge and entertainment for our society in León, Guanajuato and greater Mexico. This exciting new technology will definitely ensure Explora’s future is a bright one!”

“We’re deeply honored to have been entrusted with redefining Explora’s cinema experience,” said Derek Threinen, D3D’s Senior Vice President of Business Development. “Through this powerful new portal, the next generations of visitors will discover the magic of being immersed in giant-screen explorations of the universe around them; experiences which instill a passion for discovery, promote curiosity, and encourage viewers of all ages to pursue adventures of their own.”

“As we seek to fulfill Explora’s mission of linking our society with science, we’ve found that immersive cinema is an outstanding means of providing our visitors with educational, memorable and entertaining content,” said Gerardo Ibarra Aranda, CEO, Centro de Ciencias Explora. “D3D Cinema has provided us with a technical solution that offers the best combination of quality, price and flexibility to offer the greatest variety of content, increasing the positive impact of our institution within the community.”

About D3D Cinema
D3D offers complete digital cinema, virtual-reality and advanced digital signage solutions and services to museum and attraction industry clients worldwide, providing a unique partnership approach built around six core capabilities: theater design and installation; touring exhibition theaters; cutting-edge Virtual Reality attractions, an award-winning library of giant-screen digital content; custom signature film production; and efficient, effective and striking immersive digital signage systems . Comprised of institutional theater specialists, D3D excels in bringing first-to-market technologies to its clients, offering technology-agnostic consultation, strategic planning, installation, operational support and ongoing service. D3D is headquartered in Evanston, IL, with offices in the greater New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles areas, Ottawa, Canada and Valencia, Spain. Please visit d3dcinema.com.

About Centro de Ciencias Explora
Explora is one of Mexico’s foremost interactive science and technology centers, capable of meeting the educational profiles and needs of a modern society in constant evolution with fun and stimulating experiences that make learning an adventure. Explora has adopted an educational philosophy focused on creating change agents for sustainability, with educational programs that integrate technology as a tool to promote relevant learning processes. Located in the heart of León, Guanajuato, and with a reputation built over the past three decades, Explora has been recognized as one of the best-equipped interactive science and technology centers in Mexico and Latin America. At Explora, knowledge it is a great adventure, an exhilarating challenge full of creative experiences and ideas that can be touched, and which empowers visitors to discover and ultimately transform the world from a scientific perspective through hands-on technology experiences. To learn more, please visit explora.edu.mx.