September 22, 2017—Evans & Sutherland (ESCC) introduces AEOS Theaters, a groundbreaking new alliance between E&S, Spitz, and Sonics2. The companies have joined forces to create a new generation of ultra-high resolution giant screen cinema experiences for immersive domes and giant flat screen theaters.


AEOS Theaters reimagine the immersive cinema experience using ultra-high resolution digital imagery, the highest-fidelity sound, and beautifully seamless screens for an audience experience that’s just this side of reality. Using a seamlessly blended array of laser or lamp-based projectors, AEOS allows domes or flat screen theaters to achieve resolutions of 8K or even higher while maintaining their fulldome, partial dome, or 4:3 aspect ratio flat screens. An AEOS theater can also function as a multipurpose venue with available turn-key presentation and digital marketing packages.  AEOS is the complete solution for giant screens.


Jon Shaw, CEO of E&S said, “As we looked at the giant screen cinema from the standpoint of the audience, it became clear the entire experience needed to be reinvented to take full advantage of today’s state-of-the-art digital technology. By combining E&S’ stunningly sharp display systems with Sonics2 high-powered surround sound audio systems, and Spitz seamless domes or flat screens, AEOS has introduced a new gold standard for giant screen theaters.”


“Since the advent of digital cinema, image resolution has been limited to what a single projector can achieve. This is not the case with AEOS. Other providers are limiting themselves to a maximum image resolution of 4K by using only one projector. This is a big downgrade in resolution from 70 mm film,” said Lynn McCroskey, CEO of Sonics2. “In addition, many companies are just providing generic off-the-shelf audio approaches which are inadequate for giant screen theaters. AEOS’ approach redefines what quality sounds like with purpose built speakers and equipment specifically created for giant screen venues. The 15/70 film experience has been the gold standard for giant screen theater image and sound quality for nearly 50 years. AEOS Theaters shatters that standard and redefines it.”


AEOS creates a truly landmark immersive experience, enabling theaters to stand out from the commercial theater down the block. This technology helps drive a fresh approach focused on giant flat screen and dome theaters. In addition to the new technological approach, AEOS focuses on audience experience and additional theater functionality, ultimately increasing community engagement and attendance. AEOS will help inspire a love of learning for a new generation of audiences at museum and institutional theaters worldwide, renewing the success of these theaters as a premium destination experience.


Welcome to the future of giant screen cinema.


AEOS will demonstrate their dome theater solution at the Saint Louis Science Center on October 12, and at The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, CA as part of the ASTC Conference on October 24.


About Evans & Sutherland

Evans & Sutherland ( a founding partner in the AEOS Theaters alliance, provides Digistar 6, the world's most advanced digital fulldome planetarium and digital dome cinema system, ideal for replacing 1570 film systems. Digistar 6 combines fulldome video playback in 2D and 3D with the most comprehensive real time 3D digital astronomy package ever assembled, all within a powerful easy-to-use graphical user interface that makes creating shows more intuitive than ever. The unique capabilities of the system, the Digistar Cloud Library (a resource for community content sharing), Domecasting (live broadcasting to planetariums), Show Builder (a powerful and intuitive way to build shows), the Digistar STEAM library (included content for science, technology, engineering, art, and math), and Ease of Use, combine to provide unequalled capabilities for immersive dome experiences. Evans & Sutherland is also the world's leading producer and distributor of digital fulldome shows including show converted from giant screen film. As a full-service system provider, E&S also offers Spitz domes, SciDome, hybrid planetarium systems and a full range of theater systems. E&S markets include planetariums, science centers, themed attraction venues, and premium large-format theaters. E&S products have been installed in over 1,300 theaters worldwide. Visit the E&S website at


About Sonics2

Sonics2 is a founding member of the AEOS Alliance providing the world's most advanced audio system purpose built for Giant Screen Dome and Flat Theaters. Sonics2’s people were instrumental in developing the original audio systems for Giant Screen Theaters many of which are still in use today. We offer audio products/solutions for Movie Theaters, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality and Custom Applications. Our primary mission is to look for Strategic Partnerships, OEM & Licensing Opportunities. Functioning in our capacity as a custom sound technology provider we work across a variety of industries conceptualizing, designing and producing products/solutions for clients worldwide. Sonics2 can also work alongside a customer's internal development team to integrate superior sound into a company's own products.


About Spitz

Spitz, Inc. is a cofounder of the AEOS partnership, providing dome projection screens.  Spitz is the world’s leading supplier of domes for giant screen cinema, themed attractions, and planetarium projection.  Established in 1947, Spitz has installed over 2,000 domes worldwide including the first hemispheric screens for giant screen cinema projection.  Spitz invented the NanoSeam™ process, a uniquely uniform surface-paneling method, creating a perfectly seamless appearance for dome projection. NanoSeam completely eliminates the surface folds, overlaps, and exposed fasteners common with other paneling methods. Spitz domes are chosen by the world’s most prestigious installations.  Spitz also provides complete theater design and engineering services.



Source: Evans & Sutherland