Formerly known as the 24-Hour Rule

  1. Invitation-only theatrical screenings or demonstrations held in the host theater or other venues during GSCA events shall be hosted only through the GSCA as part of a sponsorship opportunity and require approval by the GSCA Executive Director. However, private video presentations on television monitors are permitted without sponsorship during the GSCA event.
  2. Private events scheduled during the GSCA may not conflict in any way with films, conference sessions, or sponsored events and must be approved in advance by the GSCA Executive Director.
  3. The GSCA Executive Director, acting on behalf of the GSCA Board of Directors, shall announce the official start and end time of the GSCA event at least 90 days before the event begins. Any private events that are not part of a GSCA sponsorship or have not been approved by the GSCA Executive Director must conclude 24 hours before or begin 24 hours after the official GSCA event.

If a member operates its corporate business office in the same marketplace as the conference, that member may conduct normal business activity at all times. (A corporate business office is defined as a facility that does not operate a public theater.)