For over a hundred years dinosaurs have inspired and thrilled audiences, commanding blockbuster status in museums and at the box office

‘Extremely rare’ dinosaur discovered by 3 tweens: My friends ‘don’t believe me that I found a T. rex’

Call it shovel and pail-eontology.

Three North Dakota boys made the extraordinary discovery of a highly rare Tyrannosaurus rex fossil that could change what we know about dinosaurs.

Now, the achievement of the young brothers Liam and Jessin Fisher and their cousin Kaiden Madsen is being immortalized in a documentary narrated by “Jurassic Park” star Sir Sam Neill, known on-screen as Dr. Alan Grant.

The upcoming film, titled “T. Rex” — set to debut on June 21 — captures the young archaeologists’ unexpected journey, which began as an ordinary hike in the Hell Creek formation of their home state in July 2022.