""February 8, 2022—Figueras is pleased to announce the recent hiring of David Leverton of Leverton & Associates Ltd. as a planning specialist and sales consultant to assist in identifying seating and storage requirements for clients within the giant screen cinema, planetarium, museum, and science center market in North America.

David has over 35+ years of executive management and consulting experience in the development and operation of business enterprises, science centers, giant screen theaters, museums, and cultural facilities. He has been involved in developing and managing the operations of several public attraction facilities, including three of Canada’s largest planetariums, and has overseen the creation of several successful exhibits and exhibitions. David has served in professional roles throughout Canada and internationally, including the United States and New Zealand. He has also provided consulting services to companies involved in the production of large format films, theater projection, and giant screen installation. David is also a former educator, radio host, and author.

Giant screen theaters experience high levels of use, and proper seat planning is essential. David understands the important interrelationship between theater design, image projection, lighting, sound, seating, and storage solutions, and their collective impact on overall operational efficiency and revenue generation. Mr. Leverton stated, “Every theater layout is unique, depending on the choice of projection system and whether the seating layout is unidirectional, concentric, tiered, retractable, or removable. A lot of science and engineering goes into determining how best to integrate interactive features, assessing reclining requirements, ensuring long-term durability, maximizing comfort, and designing suitable storage options. I am pleased to be able to assist Figueras clients during each stage of the design and planning process.”

David appreciates that each of these design elements are important factors in the development cycle and is being hired to assist Figueras clients during the planning stage: to ensure informed decisions are made when it comes to selecting the right type of seating depending on the required level of use; evaluating different storage solutions to improve operational efficiencies; and assisting in improving revenue performance by maximizing the overall interactive use of the space.

Robert DeVries, Vice-President of Figueras USA stated, “We are delighted David is joining our team and will be available to address the seating and storage needs of our North American clients within the giant screen cinema, planetarium, museum, and science center market.”

Figueras has been an industry leader for over 90 years in the engineering, design and manufacturing of specialized theater and auditorium seating and innovative storage solutions in over 120 countries worldwide.

David can be reached at 1-250-702-3101 or dleverton@telus.net. For more information about Figueras, visit www.figueras.com.