Venture into deep space for a fascinating look at asteroids, their cosmic origins, and the potential threat they pose to our world. Asteroid Hunters introduces asteroid scientists—the best line of defense between Earth and an asteroid’s destructive path—and reveals the cutting-edge tools and techniques they use to detect and track asteroids, and the technology that may one day protect our planet. The effects of an asteroid impact could be catastrophic, and while the current probability of an event in our lifetime is low, the potential consequences make the study of asteroids an incredibly important area of scientific research. Witness the latest in planetary defense and how science, ingenuity, and determination combine to explore the world’s most preventable natural disaster.

Length: 40:00

Film Details

  • Year Released: 2020
  • Date Released:

    October 1, 2020

  • Alternate Titles:
  • Status: In Distribution
  • 3D: Yes
  • Run Time: 31-50
  • Formats: 15/70, DCI-compliant Digital, DCI-compliant Laser, IMAX Digital, IMAX Laser, D3D/Christie Cinedome, Fulldome
  • Distributor:

    IMAX Entertainment

  • Produced By:

    IMAX Entertainment, Huahuang Pictures

  • Executive Producer:
  • Producer: Phil Groves, Jini Durr
  • Director:  W.D. Hogan
  • Associate Producer: 
  • Writer:  Phil Groves
  • Cinematography:
  • Sound Editor: 
  • Visual Effects:
  • Music/Score:  John Debney
  • Editor:
  • Narrator: Daisy Ridley
  • Other Credits: Asteroid Scientists: Mark Boslough, Marina Brozovic, Nahum Melamed, Kelly Fast. Science Advisor: Donald Yeomans
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  • Astronomy
  • Space



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