In the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, there is a paradise unlike any other: the Galapagos. Amongst these remote volcanic islands, life has played out over millions of years in relative isolation.

The result is a wonderland of nature, with a remarkable collection of plants and charismatic animals that have all adapted to this unique environment. Meet giant half-ton tortoises and marine iguanas that spit sea-salt. Dance with the tropical albatrosses and hunt fishes with the colorful blue-footed boobies.

Swim with tiny penguins thousands of miles away from their natural habitats. This is a story of discovery, of survival against the odds, and of nature’s ingenuity, all brought to life in stunning 3D.

Length: 22:00 and 39:00

Film Details

  • Year Released: 2014
  • Date Released:

    February 7, 2014

  • Alternate Titles:
  • Status: In Distribution
  • 3D: Yes
  • Run Time: 20-30, 31-50
  • Formats: 15/70, DCI-compliant Digital, IMAX Digital, IMAX Laser
  • Distributor:

    nWave Pictures Distribution

  • Produced By:

    Colossus Productions (UK); Sky 3D (UK); Postproduction: ONSIGHT 

  • Executive Producer:
  • Producer: Anthony Geffen, producer; Mike Davis, supervising producer
  • Director:  Martin Williams
  • Associate Producer: 
  • Writer:  David Attenborough
  • Cinematography: Paul Williams, director of photography; Simon de Glanville, wildlife cinematographer
  • Sound Editor: 
  • Visual Effects:
  • Music/Score:  Joel Douek
  • Editor: Peter Miller
  • Narrator: Jeff Corwin
  • Other Credits: Cameras and Equipment: ONSIGHT
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  • Animals
  • Documentary
  • Nature




  • 2015, Special Prize at the 7th 3D Korea International Film Festival
  • 2015, Finalist, Best Short Program, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

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