Set against the immense backdrop of the majestic Grand Canyon, the film takes audiences on an exhilarating river-rafting adventure down the Colorado River in the company of a team of explorers who are committed to bringing awareness to global water issues. One of the world’s mightiest rivers, the Colorado no longer reaches the sea. Every drop of river water is allocated to agriculture and populations along the way, many of whom don’t even realize their connection to the river. No water remains for the river’s end–the Colorado Delta–once a thriving estuary that supported the most diverse biosphere in North America.
The river journey is a compelling and emotional personal story for our main characters, two fathers and their 18-year old daughters. Our cinematic guides include the renowned Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a leading advocate for water conservation and river restoration, and his daughter Kick. They are joined by Wade Davis, an ethno-botanist and author who has traveled the world studying other cultures, and his daughter Tara. Shana Watahomigie, who grew up at the Canyon’s edge with her Havasupai family, is their Grand Canyon guide.


Length: 40:00

Film Details

  • Year Released: 2008
  • Date Released:
    March 2008
  • Alternate Titles:
  • Status: In Distribution
  • 3D: Yes
  • Run Time: 31-50
  • Formats: 8/70, 15/70, DCI-compliant Digital, IMAX Digital, Dome-customized 15/70, Fulldome
  • Distributor:

    MacGillivray Freeman Films

  • Produced By:
    Produced by MacGillivray Freeman Films Educational Foundation in association with Waterkeepers Alliance and Museum Film Network
  • Executive Producer: Harrison Smith
  • Producer: Greg MacGillivray, Shaun MacGillivray, Mark Krenzien
  • Director:  Greg MacGillivray
  • Associate Producer: 
  • Writer:  Jack Stephens
  • Cinematography: Greg MacGillivray, Doug Lavender, Brad Ohlund, Ron Goodman, Jack Tankard
  • Sound Editor: 
  • Visual Effects:
  • Music/Score:  Musical score composed and arranged by Steve Wood and Stefan Lessard. Featuring songs and music by Dave Matthews Band.
  • Editor: Stephen Judson
  • Narrator:
  • Other Credits:
  • Sponsors: Presented by Teva. Supported by Kohler.


  • Adventure
  • Destination
  • Documentary
  • Ecology
  • Nature



  • Best Cinematography, Giant Screen Cinema Association, 2008
  • Special Achievement in Film to Alan Markowitz (Visceral Image Productions) and Tim Sassoon (Sassoon Film Design) for the opening title sequence , Giant Screen Cinema Association, 2008
  • Best Marketing Campaign by a Distributor, Giant Screen Cinema Association, 2008
  • Best Received Film Award (3D flat screen category) – 2008 Shanghai Science Week Film Festival
  • Golden Reel Award for Best Sound Editing, Special Venue – Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE), 2009
  • Nominated for a VES Award for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Special Venue Project  – Visual Effects Society (VES), 2009

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