Mystic India provides an in-depth look at the culture and history of India by following the incredible journeys of Neelkanth, a young boy who traveled throughout this vast majestic land over the course of many years.

As Neelkanth travels throughout India, audiences are taken from the freezing peaks of the Himalayas to the nation’s scorching deserts and tropical rainforests, across fields and rivers and to small remote villages, all along witnessing the sheer natural beauty of India as well as the incredible achievements of its people. In the film, audiences experience India’s incredible history and most treasured destinations, and learn why Mark Twain once termed India “the one land that all desire to see.”
Length: 45:00

Film Details

  • Year Released: 2004
  • Date Released:
    December 2004
  • Alternate Titles:
  • Status: In Distribution
  • 3D: No
  • Run Time: 31-50
  • Formats: 15/70
  • Distributor:

    Giant Screen Films

  • Produced By:
    BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha
  • Executive Producer:
  • Producer: Kalpesh Bhatt, Brian Rogers
  • Director:  Keith Melton
  • Associate Producer: 
  • Writer:  Mose Richards
  • Cinematography: Reed Smoot
  • Sound Editor: 
  • Visual Effects:
  • Music/Score:  Sam Cardon and Ronu Majumdar
  • Editor: Harry Miller III
  • Narrator: Peter O'Toole
  • Other Credits:
  • Sponsors:


  • Cultural Studies
  • Documentary
  • Historical



Public’s Choice Award, La Geode Film Festival, 2005.

Film Facts

Mystic India was filmed in over 100 locations throughout India. The detailed and authentic recreations of sacred shrines and traditional festivals were made possible by a cast of over 45,000 volunteers, secured by producer BAPS.