This is the story of a remarkable planet, unlike any other yet found across deep space. Born from dying stars, it was sculpted by violent collisions in space. Yet, in an epic journey, this hostile ball of molten rock transformed itself into a nurturing environment. From it emerged forms of life, none of which have been found anywhere else in the universe. That planet is not millions of light years away either. You are standing on it right now. It is Earth. Stunning and complex visualizations based on the latest scientific modeling will take audiences back in time to the origins of our planet as we explore the extraordinary chain of events that made life not only possible but sustainable. Journey forward to today, to meet a team of geologists traveling the globe looking for clues that help us piece together what is, as far as we know, a unique story in our universe. From the producers of Hidden Universe and The Search of Life in Space. The film will be available in 2D and 3D, 15/70 and digital full dome, IMAX digital and IMAX laser and DCI compliant digital.

Length: 40:00

Film Details

  • Year Released: 2018
  • Date Released:

    March 2018

  • Alternate Titles:
  • Status: In Distribution
  • 3D: Yes
  • Run Time: 31-50
  • Formats: 15/70, DCI-compliant Digital, DCI-compliant Laser, IMAX Digital, IMAX Laser, Dome-customized 15/70, Fulldome
  • Distributor:

    Cosmic Picture

  • Produced By:

    December Media

  • Executive Producer: Tony Wright, Stuart Menzies, Stephen Amezdroz
  • Producer: Matt Downey
  • Director:  Russell Scott
  • Associate Producer: 
  • Writer:  Russell Scott, Wain Fimeri
  • Cinematography: Benjamin Cunningham
  • Sound Editor: 
  • Visual Effects: CGI Director: Sam Moorfield
  • Music/Score:  Dale Cornelius
  • Editor: Wayne Hyett ASE
  • Narrator: Rachel Ward
  • Other Credits: Featuring Martin van Kranendonk, Tara Djokic
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  • Biology
  • Documentary
  • Geology
  • Historical
  • Space



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