Join Storm Chasers star Sean Casey and the researchers of VORTEX 2, the most ambitious effort ever made to understand the origins and evolution of tornadoes, on this heart-pounding science adventure. Armed with a 70mm camera, a fleet of customized vehicles designed to withstand gale force winds, torrential rains and unrelenting hail, and an arsenal of the most advanced weather measurement instruments ever created, the stars of Tornado Alley take audiences on a thrilling quest to experience a tornado’s destructive power at point blank range. Experience the adrenaline and the science of nature’s most dramatic phenomena!

Length: 20:00 and 40:00

Film Details

  • Year Released: 2011
  • Date Released:
    March 18, 2011 (2D); October 2011 (3D)
  • Alternate Titles:
  • Status: In Distribution
  • 3D: Yes
  • Run Time: 20-30, 31-50
  • Formats: 15/70, DCI-compliant Digital, IMAX Digital, Fulldome
  • Distributor:

    Giant Screen Films

  • Produced By:
  • Executive Producer:
  • Producer: Paul Novros, Sean Casey
  • Director:  Sean Casey
  • Associate Producer: 
  • Writer:  Paul Novros, Sean Casey
  • Cinematography: Sean Casey
  • Sound Editor: 

    Mike McDonough, Sound Designer; Michael McDonough and Tamara Johnson, Re-Recording Mixers; Tim Archer and Fernando Apodaca, Location Sound Recordists; Blake Marymor, Recordist

  • Visual Effects:
  • Music/Score: 
  • Editor:
  • Narrator: Bill Paxton
  • Other Credits:
  • Sponsors: Support provided by the U.S. National Science Foundation and the Giant Dome Theater Consortium


  • Documentary
  • Meteorology
  • Natural Disasters



  • Best Sound Design, Giant Screen Cinema Association, 2011
  • Best Immersive Program, Jackson Hole Science Media Awards, 2012


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