September 19, 2104—Giant Screen Films and Oceans 8 Productions are pleased to announce that Antarctica: On the Edge will be premiering at the Giant Screen Cinema Association conference this weekend in Toronto.
“It’s a great thrill to be premiering Antarctica to the giant screen industry,” said Jon Bowermaster, director, writer and producer of the film. “It’s a film over five years in the making. My goal all along has been to take viewers to the most remote and forbidding continent on Earth, focusing on both the history of the Antarctic continent as well as on how climate changes are impacting the region today. I’m also quite pleased by the efforts of Tilda Swinton, who did a fabulous job narrating, and Natalie Merchant, who contributed some beautifully orchestrated compositions.”
“Antarctica as a subject has historically been quite successful in our market, and this is the first time it has been captured in 3D,” said Don Kempf, President of Giant Screen Films. “At GSF’s recent company event, the film was a big hit with the theaters in attendance, with over 90 percent giving it high marks on our survey. Jon Bowermaster is a terrific filmmaker whose familiarity with the Antarctic continent is second to none. I believe Antarctica is going to be one of our most successful releases.”
Antarctica: On The Edge is a beautiful and fascinating film,” said Jackie Mollet, Managing Director of Visitor Services at the Saint Louis Science Center. “It weaves a history lesson of the race to the bottom of the earth while informing us on the changing climate and its impact on the ice and the animals that live there.”  
According to Wendy Grant, Director of Marketing and Communications at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center in San Diego, “Antarctica: On the Edge is a beautiful, well-paced film about a fascinating place that few people have the privilege of visiting.  I enjoyed the film immensely.”
Antarctica: On the Edge 3D will screen at the Scotia Bank IMAX Theater at 9:10am on Saturday, September 20th.
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Since his first assignment for National Geographic Magazine in 1989, Jon Bowermaster has traveled back to Antarctica more than twenty times. A six-time grantee of the National Geographic Expeditions Council and award-winning writer and filmmaker, Bowermaster was recently named one of a dozen “Ocean Heroes” by the National Geographic Society.
Author of twelve books, his companion book to the Jacques Perrin/DisneyNature film Oceans was published alongside the film’s U.S. premiere.   In addition to Antarctica: On the Edge, Jon recently produced and directed the documentary Dear Governor Cuomo, a unique look at the controversy surrounding fracking in New York State.  Films in production include Dear President Obama, Americans Against Fracking In One Voice, Free Swim: Maldives, After the Spill and Tigerlily/20, a collaboration with partner Natalie Merchant.
Bowermaster lives in New York’s Hudson Valley.