March 1, 2017—Tandem Stills + Motion (TSM) and Giant Screen Films (GSF) are pleased to announce a pioneering new film that will bring the Pacific Ocean’s protected and remote national wildlife refuge islands and marine national monuments to giant screen and IMAX® cinemas around the world. Hidden Pacific (working title) captures the beauty of the ocean and these emerald islets, the conservation efforts to restore their ecosystems, and the diversity of life on both land and reef. The film will take audiences to these faraway, picturesque “Pearls of the Pacific” in ultra high-resolution immersive giant screen and dome formats. 

Principal photography was recently completed at Palmyra Atoll, within the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, and Midway Atoll, located within the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. The storied histories of these two atoll—from the WWII Pacific Theater to their present environmental recovery and ecological research initiatives—will provide the platform from which the film will explore a diversity of science and human stories. The film is produced in cooperation with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and affiliated organizations, which provided the filmmakers with unprecedented access to the bio-secure islands and marine monuments. While Palmyra and Midway serve as the backbone, topside and underwater photography on Rose Atoll and Wake Atoll will complete this spring. Production shoots will wrap in April with an anticipated release in late 2017.

“We are bringing the public an unprecedented view of landscapes and wildlife that are vital to our planet's well being and can be seen nowhere else on Earth,” said Ian Shive, director, producer and founder of TSM. “As our climate changes, sea level rise is threatening these critical refuges for fish, birds, plants, wildlife and coral. These special places, and the dedicated research teams that live and work on these remote outposts, provide an abundance of scientific information. Sharing this knowledge with audiences, building awareness about these important monuments, is our mission with this project.”

Hidden Pacific is going to be truly special—and stunningly beautiful,” said Andy Wood, senior vice president and producer at GSF. “The footage captured this month on Palmyra Atoll is breathtaking and, from an audience standpoint, merges nearly every quintessential giant screen deliverable—captivating human, science and environmental stories, vibrant coral reefs teeming with sharks, military history, sweeping aerials, rare animals, more sharks, and postcard visuals of a remote tropical paradise. I’m certain every viewer of this giant screen Pacific safari will leave the theater with a deep-felt appreciation for this extraordinary and rare place. We are really proud to be a part of this timely and important project.”


About Giant Screen Films (GSF)

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About Ian Shive

Ian Shive is an American filmmaker and photographer best known for his images and films of nature and the outdoors. An inquisitive and tireless explorer, Shive has worked on assignment with some of the largest and most impactful environmental organizations in the world, and he has been honored with the prestigious Ansel Adams Award for Conservation Photography. Shive is the best-selling author of The National Parks: Our American Legacy and The National Parks: Our American Landscape, which have played a role in shaping environmental diplomacy efforts throughout the world and heightened awareness of national parks. His monolithic images of majestic landscapes, tender portraits of nature’s intimate side and, notably, the role that humans play in nature, have regularly appeared in hundreds of well-known publications and other media. Shive is based in Los Angeles.



Source: Giant Screen Films