March 2, 2015—Responding to requests from theaters in North America and Asia, Giant Screen Films is relaunching the classic 2005 70mm film Ride Around the World as Horses. The new title and poster are designed to appeal to a wider audience as well as encourage unique cross-promotional collaboration with equestrian clubs and businesses. The relaunch is aimed primarily at museum giant dome cinemas. McWane Science Center will be the first venue to premiere the newly branded film this summer.

“This is a beautifully photographed, wonderful film that received short shrift in the market,” said Elaine Greene-Yancey, Vice President of Operations and Business Development at McWane. “The Ride poster and title simply needed to better appeal to children and, specifically, younger girls. Horses are truly the focal point of the film, an animal movie at heart—so the new title and poster deliver perfectly. We conducted a mischievous informal survey at our museum, presenting old and new posters of Ride and Horses and asking unknowing subjects which film we should book next. Ride didn’t fare so well…because every single person was so enthusiastic about Horses! The local horse groups are helping to generate a buzz and driving presales. I encourage my museum peers to consider a run, or rerun, under the new title.” 

“We’ve always had a lot of faith in this film,” said Don Kempf, President and Founder of Giant Screen Films. “It’s been popular with horse-lovers and has won many awards. It was shot in gorgeous 70mm around the world—Spain, Patagonia, Morocco, Mexico, British Columbia and the Great Plains. But despite its global story, the Ride poster imagery presented it more as a niche American Heartland film and the title was ambiguous. When theaters started inquiring during the Chinese Year of the Horse last year the idea for Horses was born, and the film is now ready for new life.”

Giant Screen Films is offering favorable lease terms for Horses, including quality-assured used 70mm prints. The film is sponsored by Ford Trucks. Contact GSF representatives for more information and booking inquiries.



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