""July 29, 2022—After 41 years of service, Glenn Shaver has retired from Ontario Public Service effective July 1st.

Glenn started his career at Ontario Place Corporation, an Agency of the Provincial Government, in 1981 after graduating from University with a degree in Radio and Television Arts. He started as a technician supporting live programming across the site. In 1982, due to a part-time need for more technical support in Cinesphere (the world’s first IMAX theatre), Glenn started his training and apprenticeship to obtain a First Class Projectionist licence–a provincial requirement at the time that involved 800 hours of projection time as well as a written and practical exam. Glenn was trained and operated 35mm, 70mm, and IMAX projection systems and thus his exposure and passion for IMAX/large format experiences began.

Glenn left Ontario Place in the Spring of 1988 to pursue an opportunity in another Agency of the Province–the Ontario Science Centre (OSC) where he worked as a technician in the AV/Electronics Department, which included 16mm, 35mm, and 70mm projection work in their 400 seat multi-purpose theatre. In 1995 he became involved with the technical and operational planning for what would become the Shoppers Drug Mart OMNIMAX Theatre at the Ontario Science Centre, which opened in late 1996. Glenn was the first Chief Projectionist for the theatre and went on to become Technical Supervisor of the Theatre Operations Department. In 2002 he became the Associate Director, Theatre Operations, with responsibility for both the Imperial Oil Auditorium and the OMNIMAX Theatre. In this role Glenn was responsible for all aspects of the OMNIMAX theatre business, including programming, sales and marketing.

Under Glenn’s leadership The OMNIMAX Theatre won the following GSTA/GSCA awards:

  • Best Film Launch by a Theatre – 2004 (Coral Reef Adventure)
  • Best Film Launch by a Theatre – 2005 (Forces of Nature)
  • Best Film launch by a Theatre – 2007 (Bugs)


Glenn was the first GSCA member to receive the Big Shoe Award (2006, pictured here with GSCA Executive Director Tammy Barrett). Glenn served two terms on the GSCA Board and co-chaired two committees.

In 2009 Glenn was appointed to the position of Director Featured Products, OMNIMAX Theatre and AV Operations, at the OSC adding the responsibility for temporary travelling exhibitions. Looking for synergies between large format documentaries and temporary exhibitions that would increase attendance and revenues was the priority.
In 2015 Glenn spearheaded a revitalization project at the OSC that ultimately led to existing spaces being renewed with new approaches and experiences being delivered.

In the spring of 2017 Glenn was recruited back to Ontario Place to join the Senior Management Team; back to the Agency where he started his career. The site had been closed for five years and was to be reopened for the summer. As Senior Manager Transformation, Glenn had much to do in a very short time. At the top of the priority list was to renovate Cinesphere, including new digital projection technology and re-open in time for The Toronto International Film Festival in mid September–and that objective was delivered. With both IMAX laser and film in the renovated booth, Cinesphere has been experimenting with a wide range of cinematic programming and formats. This included Christopher Nolan’s last two films being presented in IMAX film in the 619-seat theatre.

Glenn says that he truly appreciates having had the opportunity to work in the large format business, a community of dedicated and passionate people, many of whom have become good friends.

While Glenn has retired from full-time work in the OPS, he says he’s not ready to stop working yet–just not full-time. He will continue to do some work for Ontario Place as Senior Advisor, which will include strategic planning for Cinesphere. He will also spend more time in his part-time business of over 40 years–Shaver and Co. Ltd.–specialising in the design and installation of commercial sound and video systems.

Glenn also plans to stay involved in the GSCA with hopes to attend the conference in Chattanooga in September.
He and his partner Cathie are also looking forward to spending more time together enjoying their new home in Courtice, Ontario, and looking forward to travelling again.

We wish him the very best in his retirement and thank him for everything he has done for GSCA and the industry.

Glenn can be reached at glenn.shaver@icloud.com or 416 407-5898.