July 21, 2023—The Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSCA) is pleased to announce that the 2024 Film Expo and Filmmaker Symposium will be held in Los Angeles on March 11-14, at the AMC CityWalk IMAX Theatre and Universal City Hilton hotel. The Film Expo on March 11-12 will feature screenings of new films, films in production, projects in development, and an innovations session highlighting the results of the GSCA Camera Assessment Test. The Filmmaker Symposium will follow on March 13 and will provide in-depth insight into the unique nature of the giant screen filmmaking industry, from development and preproduction all the way through marketing and distribution. Other programming will be announced as it is confirmed. Registration and film submissions will open in November.

“We are thrilled to return to Los Angeles for the Film Expo and to include the Filmmaker Symposium again this year,” says GSCA Executive Director Tammy Barrett. “We are especially excited to present the results of the GSCA Camera Assessment Test (CAT). The goal of the CAT is to show the strengths of six higher-than-6k-resolution cameras to allow filmmakers to see how each performs in challenging shooting situations. We tested the ARRI 35, Canon RC5, Kinefinity 8k, Red V Raptor, Sony A1, and the Sony Venice 2 in a variety of situations and locations this July and will present the results on the giant screen at the AMC CityWalk IMAX Theatre in March.”

The GSCA Board of Directors and Programming Committee are in discussions about the location and dates for the 2024 International Conference to be held in September.

Additional details about the GSCA 2024 Film Expo and Filmmaker Symposium and future events will be posted as they are confirmed at www.giantscreencinema.com/events.

About GSCA
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