December 22, 2014—The Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSCA) is pleased to announce the 2015 officers elected by the GSCA board of directors, as well as chairs appointed to GSCA committees.

Officers, who will serve for a one-year term, are as follows: Gordon Stalans from the Tennessee Aquarium will serve as Chair. Mark Katz from National Geographic Studios will serve as Vice Chair. Jonathan Barker of SK Films will continue to serve as Secretary, and Berend Reijnhoudt of Omniversum will continue to serve as Treasurer.

The seven-member Executive Committee includes the four officers and three additional board members representing GSCA's membership categories. In addition to the officers, the 2015 Executive Committee will include Kim Cavendish of the Museum of Discovery and Science representing theaters; Daniel Ferguson of Cosmic Picture representing distributors and producers; and Mike Lutz of IMAX Corporation representing manufacturers, suppliers, and other related businesses.

The GSCA 2015 Governance Committee includes Jonathan Barker of SK Films, who will also serve as Chair of that committee; Gordon Stalans of the Tennessee Aquarium; Diane Carlson of the Pacific Science Center; Kim Cavendish of the Museum of Discovery and Science; and Laurent Dondey of La Geode.

The 2015 Committee Chairs are as follows. The Conference Committee will be co-chaired by Glenn Shaver of the Ontario Science Centre and Tammy Seldon, GSCA’s Executive Director. Derek Threinen of Giant Screen Films/D3D Cinema will chair the Marketing and Member Services Committee. The Technical Committee Chairs are Tim Hazlehurst of Marbles Kids Museum and Martin Howe of TEQ4. Daniel Ferguson of Cosmic Picture and Andy Zakrajsek from COSI will chair the Professional Development Committee. And the Lifelong Learning Committee will be chaired by Alan Nursall of the TELUS World of Science-Edmonton.

The GSCA Board has also appointed Andrew Oran of FotoKem to fill the board seat vacated by Rick Gordon of RPG Productions, who submitted his resignation to the GSCA board in December. Oran will serve the remaining year of Gordon’s term through 2015.

As previously announced, the following were elected to the 2015 GSCA board of directors.

Representing Institutional Theaters:

  • Kim Cavendish, Museum of Discovery and Science
  • Alan Nursall, TELUS World of Science-Edmonton
  • Berend Reijnhoudt, Omniversum
  • Glenn Shaver, Ontario Science Centre
  • Gordon Stalans, Tennessee Aquarium

Representing Distributors:

  • Jonathan Barker, SK Films
  • Mark Katz, National Geographic Studios

Representing Producers:

  • Daniel Ferguson, Cosmic Picture
  • Phil Streather, Principal Large Format

Representing Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Other Related Businesses:

  • Mike Lutz, IMAX Corporation

They will join the following board members, who still have one year left on their board term:

  • Michele Canto, Canadian Museum of History
  • Diane Carlson, Pacific Science Center
  • Laurent Dondey, La Geode
  • Tim Hazlehurst, Marbles Kids Museum
  • Bob Harman, MacGillivray Freeman Films
  • Martin Howe, TEQ4
  • Shaun MacGillivray, MacGillivray Freeman Films
  • Andrew Oran, FotoKem
  • Derek Threinen, Giant Screen Films/D3D Cinema
  • Lisa Truitt, THINK Creative
  • Paul Wild, IMAX Victoria in the Royal BC Museum

The Euromax representative on the GSCA board of directors is Julien Bollee, Bollee Productions.

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