December 15, 2022—The Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSCA) is pleased to announce its Board of Directors has approved a new strategic plan and elected officers and committee chairs for the coming year. These officers and committee chairs represent the 2023 Board, which was announced in November, and their terms begin on January 1, 2023.

The board has elected the following officers, who will serve one-year terms in this capacity:

  • Chair: Jim Remar, Cosmosphere
  • Vice-Chair: Michael Daut, Michael Daut Productions and K2 Studios
  • Treasurer: Gordon Stalans, Tennessee Aquarium
  • Secretary: Ryan Holota, Saskatchewan Science Centre
The board also appointed Derek Threinen, Giant Screen Films/D3D Cinema, to fill the seat vacated by Therese Andrade, who retired from the board with one year remaining on her two-year term.

In accordance with GSCA’s bylaws, the Executive Committee includes the aforementioned officers. The board also elected Amber Hawtin, SK Films; Patricia Keighley, IMAX Corporation; and Derek Threinen, D3D Cinema to serve on the Executive Committee to ensure it accurately represents the GSCA membership categories of theater, production, distribution, and related business.

The Governance Committee will include:

  • Chair: Patricia Keighley, IMAX Corporation
  • Patty Collins, MacGillivray Freeman Films
  • Mark Katz, Giant Screen Films/D3D Cinema
  • Alan Nursall, TELUS World of Science-Edmonton
  • Jim Remar, Cosmosphere
  • Gordon Stalans, Tennessee Aquarium

The GSCA Board of Directors has also approved a new strategic plan, which includes a committee realignment. The new strategic plan can be viewed here.

Chairs and co-chairs of the new committees are as follows:

Innovations Committee
Co-Chairs: Michael Daut, Michael Daut Productions and K2 Studios; and Christian Fry, CVF Productions

Marketing Committee
Co-Chairs: Caroline Borgudd, Cosmonova; and Ryan Holota, Saskatchewan Science Centre

Museum Cinema Committee
Co-Chairs: Mike Lutz, Evans & Sutherland, a Cosm Company; and Derek Threinen, Giant Screen Films/D3D Cinema

Programming Committee
Co-Chairs: Antonietta Monteleone, Cosmic Picture; and Amber Hawtin, SK Films

Audience Research Survey Task Force
Co-Chairs: Heather Farnworth, Ontario Science Centre; and Adam Smith, Exploration Place

Development Task Force
Co-Chairs: Patty Collins, MacGillivray Freeman Films; and Joanie Philipp, Flying Fish Exhibits

The new committees, task forces, and their mandates are available here. An open call for committee volunteers will be coming soon. Please contact Tammy Barrett with any questions.

About GSCA
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