Would you like to find ways to stretch your advertising budget? Or do you need a big idea to launch your next film?  Would you like to see what other theaters are doing for mobile marketing? Then come and browse through GSCA’s new Marketing Library!

There’s nothing like seeing what other theaters are doing to successfully market their films. The GSCA has a wealth of great marketing ideas that have been shared at countless GSCA conferences over the years, and now we have found a way to gather all of these ideas and share them with GSCA members.

From the GSCA award-winning entries to the ideas shared in marketing sessions, you can now easily peruse the marketing ideas online. Members of the Marketing and Member Services Committee are picking out the promotional gems, complete with short descriptions, samples, photos, and videos that you can easily browse through. Maybe you’ll find that big idea to launch your next film!

Just log onto the GSCA website and click on the Marketing Library in the Member Center (www.giantscreencinema.com/MemberCenter/MarketingLibrary). Each story is tagged with different topics, so you can search by what interests you most by film, by theater or by different media such as, social media, print ads, TV spots, digital media, rebranding or other topics.

Three new marketing samples will be added each month. The Marketing library is a benefit of GSCA membership and requires a user name and password, but we'll be leaving it open for all site visitors until November 21 so you can see samples. Check it out—and happy browsing!


Submitted by Mary Jane Dodge, MacGillivray Freeman Films
Member of the GSCA Marketing and Member Services Committee