April 7, 2016—GSCA is pleased to announce the launch of its Giant Screen Picture and Audio Production and Post-Production Workflow (P3W) Wikis, the online companions to the P3W document published in September 2015. Both the Wikis and document outline the generally accepted practices and workflows used in the giant screen filmmaking industry to make films efficiently, effectively, and with the highest-quality images. These P3W guidelines were designed as a roadmap to assist first-time and seasoned filmmakers in navigating the critical and complex worlds of production and post-production for the giant screen and to promote industry best practices.
The P3W interactive Wikis allow users to click on an individual box of the workflow diagram and be taken directly to its textual description. The P3W Wikis also allow users to comment and add their thoughts and perspectives on specific elements.
“We’re excited to provide this invaluable resource to filmmakers interested in making films in the immersive giant screen format,” says GSCA Executive Director Tammy Seldon. “There’s much about filmmaking for the giant screen that is different from other formats and that filmmakers need to consider from the very beginning so they make good decisions throughout the entire filmmaking process. The P3W Wikis and document are excellent tools to help them through that process.”
The P3W resources are the result of months of hard work by members of GSCA’s Technical Committee and the Production & Post-Production Task Force. P3W will be reviewed periodically by the Technical Committee, allowing it to expand and change its perspective as technology and the tools of capture, production, and post-production evolve.

GSCA members may access the P3W resources with their member login, and nonmembers will be issued a login to access them upon request.
The GSCA P3W Wiki and document are available at the following link: GSCA P3W Resources

Questions about P3W should be directed to Tammy Seldon at tammy@giantscreencinema.com.