The GSCA Marketing and Member Services Committee has been focused recently on helping GSCA members share good ideas you can steal for your own benefit.

Since the beginning, people who attend GSCA conferences have said the most valuable aspect of attending a conference is the networking that happens day and night. They return home with numerous new ideas inspired by seeing what another theater is doing to program more effectively, which new camera attains the best result, or how others are raising money.

Now, your GSCA membership will extend this kind of networking to the rest of the year. All you have to do is open an email and maybe forward an email to someone on your staff. Pretty easy stuff.

Here are two new resources for you:

  1. The Marketing and Member Services committee is sending you brief blog-style articles from GSCA members writing about their experiences and sharing observations. For example, Jackie Mollet wrote about an amazing way she used her theater to bring the community together on the 70th anniversary of D-Day, James Neihouse shared his experience capturing wide shots with different cameras, and Christian Fry described how he is producing differently after lessons learned. Do you have some experience to share? Write about it. Send it to us. Chances are you will win the admiration of your peers and a raise at work. Skeptical? Try it.
  2. On the eve of the recent GSCA conference in Toronto, we launched a new marketing resource library on the GSCA website. This new idea library takes case studies and marketing stories and places them in one easy-to-scan web page. It is accessible to everyone until October 1, and then it will be password-protected for GSCA members. Take two minutes now and see if you can find something that sparks a thought that increases your box office 10% or helps you make that sales pitch to a client. Two minutes can make your year.

I guarantee these new networking opportunities will be stimulating. Your success is the industry's success.

Send your ideas for blogs and marketing resources to GSCAs Kelly Germain at

This new industry networking is brought to you through the dedication and passion of the Marketing and Member Services Committee members who are working on the committees blogging and marketing library initiatives: Rich Swietek from Friendly Giant Marketing, Mary Jane Dodge from MacGillivray Freeman Films, Angela Ivey from World Golf Hall of Fame, Marlene Janetos from Museum of Discovery and Science, and Sarah Walston from Marbles Kids Museum.

Submitted by,

Mike Lutz
Chair, GSCA Marketing and Member Services Committee
IMAX Corporation