""September 13, 2023—The Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSCA) is excited to announce it is partnering with Morey Group to conduct extensive audience research to better understand current and potential viewers of giant screen films. The purpose of the research is to identify ways in which giant screen theaters can maximize their market potential; forecast market demand; understand consumer behavior, impressions, motivations, and barriers; track behavior and impression trends; and provide audience information that can be used to build partnerships and attract sponsors and/or investors for all GSCA members. The research will be conducted in October of this year with a full report delivered in December.

The research will include four phases:

  1. Theater Positioning Report to identify giant screen theater audience characteristics, visitor origin, visit frequency, and market capture.
  2. Audience Survey to identify audience characteristics and motivations, evaluate experiences, assess impressions, and predict intent.
  3. National Market Survey to identify characteristics among current, lapsed, and non-attending audiences.
  4. School Group Survey to identify motivations, expectations, competition, and intent of school group field trips.

While collecting data is important, the real strength of this project will be knowing how to apply it. Morey Group will provide analysis and actionable insights so members will know specifically what they can do with the data to improve their business.

GSCA will be asking member theaters to participate in the Audience Survey and School Group Survey phases so Morey Group can gather as much data as possible. All GSCA members will receive the aggregate reports and analysis at no cost as a member benefit. There is no fee for theaters to participate in the research, but they will have the option to purchase data and analysis from the different phases specific to their theater market for a nominal fee. GSCA members will be receiving communications in the coming weeks providing details on how to participate.

“We are thrilled to be working with Morey Group on this project,” says GSCA Executive Director Tammy Barrett. “Consumer motivations and behaviors have changed significantly since GSCA last conducted audience research in 2014, and this updated information will be invaluable to all our members, including theaters, producers, distributors, and related businesses.”

“This type of information is one of the most important benefits GSCA can provide our members,” says Jim Remar, Chair of the GSCA Board of Directors and President and CEO of Cosmosphere. “Research this extensive would be cost prohibitive for members to conduct on their own. As the leader in the giant screen industry, it is imperative we organize to collect this data and provide GSCA members with insights on how to accomplish their goals and help the industry thrive.”

“We are proud to work with the GSCA,” says John Morey, President of Morey Group. “We believe giant screen theaters serve an important role in their communities by introducing cultural perspectives and providing engaging experiences. This work will help inform GSCA members on how to deepen engagement and expand its audiences.”

Special thanks to the GSCA Board of Directors for approving the expenditure for this important project and to GSCA’s Audience Research Task Force, led by Heather Farnworth, Ontario Science Centre in Toronto; and Adam Smith, Exploration Place in Wichita, Kansas; and including Diane Carlson, Giant Screen Cinema Consulting; Patty Collins, MacGillivray Freeman Films; Daniel Ferguson, Cosmic Picture; and Jim Remar, Cosmosphere, Hutchinson, Kansas.

About GSCA
The mission of the Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSCA) is to support a prosperous international giant screen industry. GSCA is the essential organization that supports, grows, fortifies, and sustains the international network of premium giant screen theaters and content creators to provide immersive, transformational, educational cinematic experiences. GSCA’s membership includes nearly 200 organizations in 20 countries and represents giant screen theaters, production, distribution, related businesses, and students. Connect with GSCA at www.giantscreencinema.com, https://www.facebook.com/giantscreencinema, https://www.instagram.com/gsca1/, and https://www.linkedin.com/groups/1046547. For more information, contact GSCA Executive Director Tammy Barrett at tammy@giantscreencinema.com.

About Morey Group
Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Morey Group, a division of The Lukens Company, is a national market research and consulting firm that specializes in the unique needs of cultural attractions and nonprofits. Since 1985, Morey Group has worked on over 3,000 projects for more than 200 organizations in the U.S. and Canada, delivering insightful, accurate, and timely benchmarks, analyses, and recommendations. https://www.moreygroup.com