September 22, 2017—Tandem Stills + Motion (TSM) and Giant Screen Films (GSF) are pleased to announce that principal photography for Hidden Pacific has wrapped after the final shooting assignment: filming dramatic volcanic footage in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii. Hidden Pacific will transport audiences to the Pacific Ocean’s remote national wildlife refuge islands and marine national monuments, capturing the beauty of the ocean and these emerald islets, the conservation efforts to restore their ecosystems, and the diversity of life on both land and reef. The film is produced in association with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and affiliated organizations.

To capture the volcano footage, the filmmaking team carried their camera gear over many miles of difficult terrain in search of fresh lava flows. The unprecedented access to these areas, in cooperation with the USFWS and National Park Service, yielded stunning volcanic imagery for the island-building sequence in the film, illustrating the geological lifecycle of islands and atolls.

“There is perhaps nowhere else that is so accessible to see an island forming before your eyes,” said Ian Shive, director and producer. “While filming, I was awestruck by how eerily devoid of time it felt. I truly felt like I was walking through the primordial beginnings of Earth. It was fascinating to think that from fire below, life would eventually rise above.”

GSF has commenced with pre-leasing for Hidden Pacific and is presenting sneak-peek footage at select conferences throughout the fall. Upcoming conferences and festivals include:

  • Giant Screen Cinema Association Annual Conference – Chicago, IL – Sept 25-29
  • Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival – Jackson Lake, WY – Sept 25-29
  • Association of Science and Technology Centers – San Jose, CA – Oct 21-24
  • International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions – Orlando, FL – Nov 13-17

Premiering in 2018, Hidden Pacific will launch on giant screen and IMAX® cinemas around the world. The film will take audiences to these faraway, picturesque “Pearls of the Pacific” in ultra high resolution immersive giant screen 3D and dome formats.


About Hidden Pacific

Directed by award-winning photographer and conservationist Ian Shive, Hidden Pacific is a pioneering film profiling the Pacific Ocean’s protected and remote national wildlife refuge islands and marine national monuments.   Key locations include Palmyra Atoll, within the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, and Midway Atoll, within the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, breathtaking faraway islands that will leave audiences with a deep-felt appreciation for these extraordinary places and the beauty of nature left untouched by civilization.  The storied histories of these atolls – from the WWII Pacific Theater to their present environmental recovery and ecological research initiatives – will provide the platform from which the film explores a diversity of science and human stories. The film is produced in cooperation with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and affiliated organizations, which provided the filmmakers with unprecedented access to the bio-secure zones of the marine monuments – from Palmyra and Midway to Rose Atoll, Wake Atoll and the Hawaiian Islands. Hidden Pacific will premiere in museum, zoo, aquarium, giant screen and IMAX® cinemas, in all theatrical formats, around the world in 2018.


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