January 28, 2015—IMAX Corporation (NYSE:IMAX) and Servi Museos, a sister institution of the Papalote Children’s Museum Mexico City and of the Papalote Children’s Museum Cuernavaca, today announced an agreement to add an IMAX® theatre to its new children’s museum in Mexico, the Papalote Children’s Museum Monterrey. The Megantalla IMAX Banorte at the new Museum is slated to open in Spring 2015. As part of the agreement, the Museum will eventually transition to IMAX’s next-generation digital laser projection. The new technology will enable the Museum to deliver a wider array of the highest-quality digital documentary content and enhance The IMAX Experience® for its visitors.

The agreement builds on the success of the IMAX ADO Megapantalla theatre located at Papalote Children’s Museum in Mexico City.  The new museum in Monterrey will offer children dynamic and interactive exhibits, as well as engaging educational and inspirational documentary films in the IMAX theatre, to fulfill its mission of learning through play and imagination.

“We are excited to open the Papalote Children’s Museum in 2015 and we aim to make it a treasure for Monterrey,” said Marinela Serviijte, Founder, Board of Trustees of Papalote Children’s Museum Mexico and Papalote Children’s Museum Monterrey. “Our Megantalla IMAX Banorte theatre will play a crucial role in fulfilling that important mission in a way no other theatre can.”

“We are delighted to extend our partnership with Servi Museos and welcome the Papalote Children’s Museum Monterrey as the newest member of our esteemed institutional theatre network,” said Larry O’Reilly, President, Worldwide Sales, IMAX Corporation. “Our new laser digital projection system and the IMAX Original Film Fund underscore our commitment to the success of our institutional partners by delivering more quality documentary content in the most immersive way possible. Together with the Papalote Children's Museum, we look forward to offering the most unforgettable entertainment and educational experiences to the children of Monterrey.”

Under the terms of the agreement, the Papalote Children’s Museum Monterrey will eventually install IMAX's next-generation laser projection system, which is expected to set a new benchmark as the industry’s premium entertainment experience. The system, which represents the culmination of the largest R&D initiative in IMAX’s history, incorporates the laser digital intellectual property IMAX exclusively licensed from Eastman Kodak and Barco's unique laser innovations. It will enable IMAX’s largest screens to deliver the highest-quality digital content available with greater brightness and clarity, a wider color gamut and deeper blacks.

About Servi Museos
Servi Museos, A.C. is a non-profit institution that is building the Papalote Children’s Museum Monterrey, a sister institution of the Papalote Children’s Museum Mexico City and of the Papalote Children’s Museum Cuernavaca.

About IMAX Corporation
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Source: IMAX Corporation